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Web development is an industry that’s in a state of constant flux with technologies and jargon changing and mutating in an endless cycle. Not to mention the sheer deluge of information one has to process everyday.

In this post, all the important news, announcements, releases and interesting discussions within the web development industry will be brought to you in a concise package.

Firefox 7 Officially Available

And just like that another version of the hugely popular Firefox browser is out. In keeping with their earlier promise of faster release, version 7 is out just a few weeks after version 6.

The new version is touted to use as low half as much as memory as the previous version. A little testing does indeed show the the browser is much snappier than before. Another feature that should keep users and web devs happy is hardware acceleration for the canvas tag. As someone who messes around with canvas all the time, this is indeed a big one.

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Ruby on Rails 3.1 is Released

This one is for the Rails aficionados. This extremely popular Ruby framework just released a major point release of the framework. Big features in this version include jQuery being included as the default JavaScript library and support for HTTP streaming.

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jQuery Mobile arc2released!

The jQuery team is back at their super productive best with their beta 3 and RC1 release of jQuery mobile.

Among a big set of fixes and improvements, this release also include support for pushState and the beforechangepage event along with improvements for the iOS5 platform.

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PostgreSQL 9.1 is Out

Among all the talk about noSQL, it’s easy to forget that we still are in a world where SQL is the dominant force. PostgreSQL, one of the well known SQL vendors just released a point update to their software with a lot of new features and improvements.

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MongoDB 2.0 Released

MongoDB is out with version 2 of their flagship MongoDB data store. MongoDB is one of the more well kno

wn noSQL solutions and just finished a round of funding from Sequoia, for the more entrepreneurish amongst you.

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Rails Installer Now Supports Rails 3.1

While Unix and Linux devs have the luxury of an easy workflow on their platforms, getting Rails setup well on Windows is still a chore.

RailsInstaller, an EngineYard effort, seeks to streamline this process. They just updated their software to support Rails 3. If you’re a Windows Rails developer, make sure to grab this!

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