5 TED Talks Every Designer Must See Before He Dies

TED, for sure, it’s not all about hardcore technology and rhetorical design theories only. There are ideas, inspirations, discussions, and above all – there is motivation for all of us… We, as a leading web design company, too need this inspiration and motivation and we get it from different design books, documentaries and talks.

So, here is a list of our favorite TED conversations where these speakers walk us through their creative design process, urge us to draw out of the lines and foresee the coming days of our web. Time? Each video might cost you 10-25 minutes but when you are done watching them – you bet you would not be the same designer again.

Design Is In The Details – Paul Bennet

Paul Bennet, chief creative officer of IDEO speaks about design and shows us how small and big are part of same process in design. With his belief in human centric design, he convinces us that solving individual’s needs is a step towards solving the big corporate needs. No bar charts, no powerpoint – It’s Paul Bennet, his different experiences and his amazing stories. You’ve got to see it.


Design and Discovery – David Carson

Everybody knows what tools and technologies are used for great design. We know them too. What really few people know is ‘how a great design is made through discovering the world’. David Carson knows that and shares his inspiring design discovery. It’s a pretty much random talk and touches a broad range of design types. He talks about typography, he talks about poor advertisements and he talks about seeing things beyond their skin.



3 Ways Good Design Makes You Happy – Don Norman

Don Norman – a great intellect, a great critic and even greater speaker. In this TED talk, he discusses the relationship between good design and emotion. Form over function vs function over form! He brings his cognitive sciences in this discussion and tells us how human brain processes the information at different levels, and how we can build a design that’s both functional and beautiful.


Happiness by Design – Stefan Sagmeister

A thing of beauty is joy forever. Oh, this is not Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan is a graphic designer and in this talk, he says, good design is an instant joy. He shares his delightful experiences and those all came from making good design. He says there are 2 ways for experiencing happy design: being happy while experiencing the design and being happy while designing it. That’s how it works!


Intricate Beauty by Design – Marian Bantjes

About literary pieces of work, critics always tried to connect literature with its creator. Marian brings this discussion alive, but with a different subject. Marian Bantjes goes out and asks to throw your personality into the products to make them unique and stand apart from the crowd. Why?

Like most designers, Maria used to believe that ego and design shouldn’t be involved. It took her 20 years to shed off this style and add a pinch of personal approach. Every time she worked on a design, she poured her own ideas (styles) into it, as if it’s her product first and then the customers.




Senior PHP Developers Required — 4 Positions, Urgent Hiring

Senior PHP Developers Required — 4 Positions, Urgent Hiring

Are you a PHP Developer with exuberant energy of getting ‘the work’ done?

Can you take the cold sweat out of stringent deadlines and deliver quality projects through Agile Development methodologies?

If you are saying ‘YES’, and you enjoy working both, either in a collaboration with a team or  independently all on yourself, we are very much keen to hear from you right away. Currently, we are on the hunt for a bunch of talented PHP Developers with about 3-4 years of experience. Solid Object Oriented programming skills are important but having a strong computer science fundamentals background is even more critical.

Before you Send us, resume….. Are you great at:

Programming Languages

PHP, XML/XSL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript



Interface Protocols & Standards

Facebook API, Jquery, Twitter API, LinkedIn API, Google Maps API, JavaScript Libraries, Web Services


MVC, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Zend framework


Object Oriented Design, Agile Programming, OOP

What You Will Be Doing:

  •  Develop next generation of Upscale Enterprise Web apps and Mobile Solutions and deliver quality projects to our clients from all across the world.
  • Participate in code reviews, strategy discussions and some serious hands-on coding

Your career at Red Signal is a rewarding journey that is followed by highly competitive compensation package which offers a range of rewards, incentives and benefits that address the varying needs of employees.

Take your shot, and Mail us your resume at: hr@redsignal.biz

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RED SIGNAL — Before You Fall In LOVE With Us, You Should Know Us


It’s been getting close to a decade since we have been working and disrupting at RED SIGNAL. It’s not a coincidence that people know us more in USA, UK or Europe than those in our cities like Lahore, Islamabad or Karachi etc. We actually lived all these years this way and never took time to talk about us. Most of the times it’s because,

“Marketing and press kicks up dust, It gets in your eye, and then you’re not focusing on the product.”

So, let’s break it off with some really plain and simple information about us, our people, our clients and our mojos.

All Soul – No Ego

All soul – no ego is actually a culture – our culture where we all are equally responsible for each other’s respect and success. It’s like being a part of family where everybody shares same love for creativity and productivity and then plays his part to actually achieve them as a unified team.

To build this culture, we turned ourselves farthest from traditional management hierarchies and laid our focus on building solely collaborative envirnoment to work side-by-side with one another – across departments. Sure, it’s not an overnight evolution. It took us years to find the right people with the right mix of skills, experience and priorities.

Great thing about our culture is, it’s paying off. Now

  • We are never dried of ideas because everybody shares his thoughts and insights on the table.
  • We have little to zero chances of project failures because we start off with the right ideas, only.
  • We deliver our projects twice the speed than others because we pull ourselves off as a team.

Our Size – Our Services

First our Size,

We could be much larger company with around hundreds of people working with us. But WHY? That’s the least standard for measuring of success. We, very honestly believe that being big is primarily about ego. Growth and scale, in true sense, is only necessary if the projects demand it. Some projects need 100 people on it (most doesn’t). Being big comes with some advantages (mainly financial) but for us, we haven’t figured out how to be big and maintain our ‘All Soul – No Ego’ culture which is very very seriously dear to us.

So, Big Nah to being Big, we are never going to be a coarse and bulk-sized company. In our prime occupancies, we are a team of around 50 – 70 professionals.


About our services,

It’s really hard to sum up in one line that we do all the year long, so we end up with statements that sound marketing fluff such as, ‘All things Web & Mobile’.

Since we first started in 2005, we’d been focused on designing digital products and services that people use. The majority of our work went out as Web sites . You really want to ask us, why? You missed we said our focus to design and develop things that people use. So, websites were our major focus because that were the most mature and common digital product platform that existed until recently.

However, lately we are increasingly being asked to design for mobile devices; mobile web and native applications for iOS and Android. We’ve even helped several companies design the  whole enterprise communication systems for their phones (sorry we can’t say who… yet). You can categorize our work upon following numbers.

1-      Consultation

2-      Design

3-      Development

4-      Marketing

5-      Support

Same Technologies – Different Work

We too, like most, are working in PHP, .NET, iOS, Android and all that is POP. But, our work in these technologies, that’s not like most. We are not here to reinvent wheel again, and again and yet again. Nor we are here to ‘beef up’ our individual portfolios with petty, ordinary projects. We are here to be inspired by our ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions.

What really gets us out of our beds every morning and come to RED SIGNAL is the opportunity to create things that people haven’t yet created through these technologies. By the time you are reading these lines, we are back to our work and doing something awesome for any of clients, most likely websites, mobile applications, ecommerce solutions, media buying and marketing.

Our Clients – Our Partners

When it comes to choosing our clients, we are rather selective. Instead of working with everybody, we strictly prefer working with clients who hate ordinariness as much as we do and who are as ambitious and disruptive as we are – regardless of their size and type.

We collaborate with some of the best creative agencies from all over the world for global brands.We also love working with smaller clients, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

With this bent of mind, we seek out those clients who respect our process and are willing to create something meaningful and long-lasting with us. Working for like-minded clients makes flow of ideas easier, but this is the mutual trust and respect that actually strengthens the vendor-client relationship and help us transform their business existence in digital ecosystem. We’re proud to call some of Europe’s household names as our partners, like Honda, Sky TG24 and AS ROMA.


We’re FIERCELY independent:

Never, ever beholden to any parent company or stakeholders concerned only for the bottom line. We are built around the nuclei of freedom and flexibility to do whatever we choose, creatively. We test, experiment, explore, stretch, push, pull, validate every boundary and solving problems, shaping technology and delivering results.

That’s our true grit.

So, there you have it. We are close-knitted team of like-minded people working together for like-minded clients,  within a culture that encourages freedom and supports growth and personal accomplishments. If you feel like home while reading these lines, we should talk. We are always open to onboard talent that speaks our culture and works at our speed. You can send us your resumes at hr@redsignal.biz . And finally, don’t forget to follow us at Facebook and LinkedIn for new positions that open up.