You Speak Persian, I Won’t Sell You iPads or iPhones — Apple Wages A New Racist War?

You’re Persian speaking and you can’t have hands on Apple’s iPhone or iPad in USA. Looks quite strange! But this is how Sarah Sabet; A US citizen with Iranian origin had been allegedly refused by Apple’s Store on Thursday.

According to news on WSB-TV, Sarah Sabet who is 19 years old student at Georgia University went to one of Apple’s stores with her friends and tried buying iPad. On overhearing them speaking Persian, employees at the store refused them selling iPad arguing that she would send it to Iran where it could be used for terror-striking activities.

Sarah called it quite discriminating and hurtful and said that she had to come out with regrettful tears in her eyes. On the other hand, Apple’s employees argued that they are simply following US foreign policy. Manager showed the news reporters Apple’s policy indicating Apple’s products being sold to Iran is strictly prohibited.

An official from US State Department commented that US citizen’s entering Iran with laptops or satellite phones without US government’s consent is strictly illegal as US hold complete embargoes against Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

It’s 2012 and not 1914. US law prohibits selling services or products to banned countries but not from selling to US citizens. Apple is a leading global company and it’s quite bad for its image. Customers should not be refused on grounds of their ethnicity, religion, race or origin.

Apple has worldwide client base and hell of other businesses are directly or indirectly affected by such sloppy customer experiences. Let’s see what comes out as Apple’s official stance.

Listen If Your Job Is Also Desk Bound — Prolonged Sitting Can Cause Serious Health Disorders


Modern jobs aren’t that much physical as they used to be just few decades earlier. I am afraid, most of the people, including me, are working on the jobs that need them glued to chairs for hours and hours. So, all those people sitting too much at one place are vulnerable to become fat (overweight, if you’re one too), sooner or later.

People having desk bound jobs, especially computer programmers, developers and designers etc, are often found complaining against frequent haunts of spiritlessness, soreness and vertebrae dislocation. It’s because as they sit for longer durations, blood puddles in legs and ultimately immense pressure is being exerted on their spinal cords. All this creates neural disruptions.

Sitting posture isn’t natural at all

Frankly speaking, sitting posture isn’t natural at all. Even sitting with lamp post back straightness is also much painful as it increases stress in major body joints and muscles. Our body was structured in a frame that suits standing posture even for half a day. The reason behind that is quite simple because standing posture facilitates stable blood circulation and likewise symmetrically distributed body weight.

But when you sit, the whole natural order of the body disturbs. Your standard spinal curve tilts considerably. If you’re having prolonged sitting hours, you’d better bear in mind that slipped discs, cardiovascular disease, crippled hamstrings, collared neurons and many others are aftermaths of such prolonged postures.

How to avoid the risks:

There isn’t any rocket science to avoid such disorders. You just need a good supporting sitting posture. Sit straight with neck forward and elbows at the sides of the body. Important point to remember is ‘avoid slouching’.

Keep your chair closely tucked in to the desk and have a lumber roll to support lower back. Try to stretch and relax your muscles every half an hour and stand and let loose your blood pressure.

You don’t need to join any yoga or fitness class or even consult the paramedics for consulting your chronics. These simple and inexpensive tips would surely help you in the long run.

For how many hours your job needs you sitting in your chair?

Is Your Employee Overworked — Indicators To Employees’ Dissatisfaction

Work harder or work better? Most of the companies primarily focus on the former indicator and don’t bother into digging out the efficiency of the work.

Under real time critical environment, web development companies cannot afford any delays in project execution and thus developers and programmers are often found complaining and moaning against over-work load and job stress. Since modern research tells that healthy mind can bring better productivity, it’s advisable for managements to spot stress-borne employees and resolve the issues before its too late.

The call-up poll led to some interesting bits of information that’s quite handy for both employees and employers. The results tell that ‘on-job-stress is the biggest offending issue for most of the American workforce.

Similarly, more than half of American employees say that ‘their job is very or extremely stressful’. Low salaries and commuting- fear of being laid off are the top reasons for employees’ stress and strain. The results also show that 1 in 2 of the employees offended with overwhelming work stress sets for hooky and feigns sickness.

Employers and managers can also spot the employee undergoing ‘stress’ and most obvious indicators include increased sickness, bad time management, lower quality of work and poor memory. Undue stretch of detrimental situation brings more disturbance and lesser productivity.

Check out the info-graphic below for complete insight into the ‘employee behavior’.


Beware — Photo Posted at Facebook Leads to Home Robbery

Online privacy risks aren’t reduced only to the loss of virtual information, you can have some bigger and physical risks as well. Such is the story that attracted millions of social network users.

  “In Australia, a 17 years old girl posted a picture showing ‘large sum of cash’ and as a result robbers broke into the house. The girl took the picture of money of her granny’s savings stacked in piles and shared on her Facebook account around 4PM on last week. And just after 5 hours, two robbers wearing masks dashed into the house; address too taken from Facebook profile, and then asked for the money that they saw on social site. The BBC reports added that no one was hurt and money was not found as well. So, the robbers left soon with the little they could get. Lately the girl removed the ‘Picture’ from the profile ’.

‘Whats up and how’re you dude’ isn’t the only thing that social media networking. ‘Hands up and remove your money’ is also trailing all over the time. So, the social media network users need to keep their eyes open and maintain a secure channel of privacy. Almost all the social networking sites offer handsome amount of privacy tools and you can always put filters and control the flow and visibility of your information around the internet. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’.

New Jersey Mayor Arrested For Hacking A Website — Tit For Tat

Politics is all about club or carrot – you can’t help it. If someone ever assumed that web development companies have nothing to do with geo-politics and it’s all about fair and free propagation of technology, he must reconsider his stance.

Money makes the mayor go, but this time mayor has to go behind the bars. 55 old New Jersey Mayor goes behind the bars for public harassment, FBI impersonation, official trespassing and all that jazz. According to politico,

A New Jersey mayor and his son were arrested Thursday by the FBI for allegedly hacking into an email account and website tied to a recall effort — and then intimidating those associated with the site.

Politicians have finally realized that internet community is one of the biggest pressure groups that they would have to face from now on. All the political upheaval and confrontation observed in Arab countries is triggered by internet and it’s social media that allowed the activists to gather and organize and then eventually unleash their force into action.

22 years old mayor’s son was the tech geek and arranged all the resources to pull down the information. Ironically, not all the politicians have tech-set sons so there goes a good news for web development companies. From now on, a new genre of customers is added and these customers would ask for .net developers, PHP developers and other web application developers to fend for their sinister and vicious plans. Bad news is that, sooner or later, these web developers would also earn the same damnation as these politicians.

I am afraid, where ever politics have stepped in, it has eaten up the efficiency and elegance of it. Web development companies need to stay aloof of these evil grittier and make web development as secure as possible.

How to Be a Programmer — Follow at Your Own Risk

Time that we are living in falls under ‘Post Modernism’; a period of great economic Strum and Drang. Earning a livelihood is becoming harder everyday and who knows what’s left for you in this global commotion. Many intelligent and industrious people are wondering which careers they should engage with, in future. Surely, Web Development is the most remunerative, money-making and lucrative profession of the day and would surely be for the next 10-15 years or even beyond. Here are some expert tips for you if you want to make a mark in this industry.

1-      First of all, be lazy. In fact, especially on job interview, be extremely lazy. Because Bill Gates – the biggest employer in the world, has revealed that he used to choose the laziest person to do the hardest jobs. Why? It’s none of your business. Your employer would know better because he knows Bill Gates more.

2-      A little more words on job interview. Show your dedication by unshaven beard, unkempt hair, ragged trousers/jeans with baggy T-shirt and super-thick glasses on your nose. These would add value to your work. Your employer would be impressed to see your dedication.

3-      Be creative. Don’t be scared. It’s not always coming up with brand new idea or making something out of thin air. If it were creativity, Graham Bell wouldn’t be surely hailed anymore than Elisha Gray. Just as Graham Bell, you can also steal ideas from peers or predecessors and cloak them as your own. Everybody around here is doing this and it’s officially creative.

4-      Don’t ever think of being famous or any sugar-candy for people and rich too. How many of programmers and coders have you ever known? And besides, this icon-stuff is already reserved for fishes working in TV, Movies and Sports etc.

5-      Learn to speak with forged tongue. Your employers won’t expect anything negative about the results. Bring positive coating to your mistakes and failures. At times, babble anything, it works.  For example, “this terrible design tells the metaphysical and intriguing process of customer’s buying behavior”. Let your team leader/team manager decipher that nonsense and meanwhile you set the things right.

6-      If you cannot hold briefcase to your mistakes, then often it is helpful to put it on others. In business, it’s mutual understanding.

7-      Learn to be wide open for criticism. At times and again, you would be verbally battered for the things that you are not responsible. Often, because your management is having a bad day and you might have one too.

And, lastly and most importantly, even if you happen to maintain your employment, then start seriously on mastering the art of the trade and add up more tools in your skill-set or else any moment, you would get fired.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned! Obama monkeying with his Blackberry All the Day Long!

The whole world is swayed by smartphone revolution and it looks as if even governments are also no lesser affected by these widgets. Obama has so many other things to be criticized for but stories tell that he wants more agitation around him.

Aides to Obama have been consistently moaning due to his frivolous behavior in the meetings. President is often found mashing his newly given super secure blackberry’s buttons. On digging out, one staffer said that ‘He’s just always sitting there, not looking at the person talking to him; eyes frozen down at his blackberry. Often he has to be re-fed with information regarding his schedules’.

His subordinates might be annoyed by his non-serious attitude but we care that least. At least Blackberry should be happy enough to know that its product is successful enough to manipulate the person who himself is smart enough to pulls the wires of whole world.

If blackberry kept producing such collaring products, no wonder someday the whole world might get into bizarre world. What if the governments of the whole world start toying with their tablets, smartphones or ipads and meanwhile insurgents take hold of the world? Blackberry is the first to realize this ‘threat’ and ever since it has come to know about the dangers involved in its efficiency, blackberry has stopped working on its innovative ideas. If it were not the sensitivity of the matter, Blackberry would have held the smartphone industry by its tail.

The rest in line should also follow the suit and stop making smartphones that much captivating. This is the only way to get our president back on work. Otherwise people will blame them and not the president. They know he’s dedicated and they are the features of smartphones that keep him from working.

Mines of Digital Information – How much You really Need to Know?

Do you remember the times when there were mammoth structured buildings having skyscraper shelves boarded with thousands and millions of books and these books were unique, old and sacred? Mostly these libraries were not open to public and only few eminent and prestigious men could access the information that bedded therein.

Time has changed and changed dramatically. Hasn’t it? With Android phones, iPhones, tablets, ipods, mp3s, 3G, 4G, broadband, desktops, hard drives, the cloud, text messages, apps, facebook, Twitter and Google Map….. All information that used to be treasured in the libraries has been under your footsteps now. But, stats and figures show that just a little amount of the data is actually used while the remaining bigger part is hardly ever attended second or third time.

For example, an average computer user has 250-499 GB hard drive storage capacity in his computers. And 52% computer users say that their data saved is crucial and thus, is irreplaceable. Interestingly, they just use 20% of the data that they have and the rest of the data hardly gets any clicks.

Similarly, an average user has 3000 songs in his music library. Keeping things strictly mathematical would allow them to listen 10 songs/hour and ultimately 240 songs/day.

Smartphone mobile users have 65 apps on average in their phones and they use only 15 of them. Similarly, facebook users have 230 friends on average and only 25% in them are personally known to the users where as 75% of other friends are ‘friends’ only. Twitter users have 126 followers and only 35% are actual users.

So, our devices are mere cluttered devices with billions and trillion bytes of disorganized, fragmented, scattered information that we just want to keep and not to use. How much data do you have on your devices? Ever thought about it?