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Senior PHP Developers Required — 4 Positions, Urgent Hiring

Senior PHP Developers Required — 4 Positions, Urgent Hiring

Are you a PHP Developer with exuberant energy of getting ‘the work’ done?

Can you take the cold sweat out of stringent deadlines and deliver quality projects through Agile Development methodologies?

If you are saying ‘YES’, and you enjoy working both, either in a collaboration with a team or  independently all on yourself, we are very much keen to hear from you right away. Currently, we are on the hunt for a bunch of talented PHP Developers with about 3-4 years of experience. Solid Object Oriented programming skills are important but having a strong computer science fundamentals background is even more critical.

Before you Send us, resume….. Are you great at:

Programming Languages

PHP, XML/XSL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript



Interface Protocols & Standards

Facebook API, Jquery, Twitter API, LinkedIn API, Google Maps API, JavaScript Libraries, Web Services


MVC, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Zend framework


Object Oriented Design, Agile Programming, OOP

What You Will Be Doing:

  •  Develop next generation of Upscale Enterprise Web apps and Mobile Solutions and deliver quality projects to our clients from all across the world.
  • Participate in code reviews, strategy discussions and some serious hands-on coding

Your career at Red Signal is a rewarding journey that is followed by highly competitive compensation package which offers a range of rewards, incentives and benefits that address the varying needs of employees.

Take your shot, and Mail us your resume at: hr@redsignal.biz

Don’t forget to Read ‘5 Reasons You May Want to Work at RED SIGNAL

For REDS, From RED SIGNAL – EID Shopping GALA 2014



With very best wishes to all of you observing the holy month of Ramadan Kareem’, it’s a very special time of the year for us at RED SIGNAL and all the Muslims around the world: a time for Fasting, Feasting and shopping’. It has unique aura of awe and austerity where we are trained after self-discipline, self-restraint and self-less charity.

“Charity, Contemplation and Communal Harmony – the run-ups of Ramadan Kareem at RED SIGNAL”

At RED SIGNAL, we have our very own way of welcoming Ramadan Kareem where run-ups include generous charity, deep contemplation and excessive communal harmony. Ramadan is a time for community. And there is nothing that exemplifies this more than those nightly iftars when the fast is broken, the dates are opened, and all that great food is served. But, aren’t we known for something better?

Yes, we are. It’s our EID SHOPPING GALA 2014 where all (ALL) the REDS with their respective families are invited to commute and shop together (strictly on RED SIGNAL’s Expense).





So, What’s EID SHOPPING GALA 2014, anyways:

In short, it’s EIDI from RED SIGNAL to her beloved family of REDS.

It’s our OWN way of creating communal harmony where RED SIGNAL hosts an Iftar party for her beloved family of REDS (every employee is invited) and then have them shop their EID outfits or handbags, shoes, dresses, perfumes (anything) etc.  followed by free-spirited theme park styled games and rides. That’s super Fun.

So, for this year’s Eid Shopping Gala, following are few of the details that you might want to jot down in your minds.


IFTARI: Bundu Khan Restaurant, Fortress Stadium, Lahore

SHOPPING: Anywhere from Fortress Stadium, Lahore

Playing & Sporting: Joy Land, Sind Bad @ Fortress Stadium Lahore

So, let’s set our watches at this 6.15 PM of this 5th July 2014 and get together for yet another great evening brought to us by RED SIGNAL. In case of any further details or questions, just drop by Zubair Malik and he will be heading you with the details of this Eid Shopping Gala 2014.

5 Reasons You May Want to Work at RED SIGNAL

Rewind it back, and see if:

‘You did so much hard work, burnt mid night oil, pushed yourself out of your comfort zone…….. for what? To score positions and get a chance to work with creative people in success-cultivating workspace?’

You did great work doing all that hard work. Now it’s time to take your career to the next level and join industry’s top of the breed team of designers, developers and marketers. If you are familiar with RED SIGNAL, and you’re in digital industry, you definitely would have wondered how it might be like working here. This is it, to help you make a better career move.

 1. Collaboration and Cross-pollination:

The best part about coming at RED SIGNAL for work everyday is, her people and her projects. At RED SIGNAL, you never stop working at amazing projects with some amazing folks. Our process is entirely based on collaboration, with no formal hierarchies and you yourself are responsible for your assigned tasks and timelines. Due to our leanest team compositions, you get to work directly with the clients.

We are super smart company, which means that every one of us at RED SIGNAL has a great deal of say in the projects that we are working on. Unlike there in larger agencies where the work has to go through rounds and rounds of approvals, we simply bank on quick peer review and then off to the client.

red signal company

We have a legacy of design excellence and development perfection, so the openness to new ideas, flexibility to improvise and positive reaction to criticism is must. It’s never personal, and the intention is always to create something great and excellent. Despite these strict quality standards, RED SIGNAL still offers the best work/life balance with most days ending between 6 and 7.

2. Our Work Makes Headlines:

Being ‘All Things Web & Mobile’ company comes with unique benefits and opportunities.

‘We gotta see through our projects across entire Digital Spectrum, from Concept to Design and Design to Development and then Marketing.’

We are very proud of our work. Whether it is In-dash Design for Honda, or a fully-functional deal’s website for TastyGo, we know that we’ve made something truly meaningful. Sometimes it’s partnering with other IT companies as their offshore IT partners, constantly injecting new range of ideas and expertise into their business models and solutions.

RED SIGNAL and our Work has often been featured in:

our projects featured

3. Quality Beats Quantity:

Numbers don’t always tell the whole story. Believing this, we always go after highest standards of quality and apply it to our work, the clients we choose to partner with and eventually the people that we hire.

Our ideal target employee is very easy to along with and brings a skillset second to none. You have studied so hard, burnt midnight oil, mastered your methods and are ready to be a part of something amazing. Or even better yet, you have gained some serious experience over the top of all.

Sure, then It’s time to get into touch with us.

red signal clients

4. Home is Where RED SIGNAL is.

We are not ruled by the clock, so we offer workspaces that are cozy and comfortable, no matter how long day might be. It starts with a bit exercising through the stairs and extends to the ambient lighting, furnishings and coke-piled refrigerators. A warm cup of tea with crunchy snacks and biscuit followed with cokes and drinks at the Lunch…… You bet, perks never stop ending. We have iPhones, iPads, iMacs to work with. To play with, we have Foosball, Pool, Darts, Luddo and so much more with some spirited trivia competitions.

When your office feels like a second home, ‘coming for work’ becomes RED SIGNAL.

red signal


5. We are ALWAYS (ALWAYS) Growing :

Well, this is where we get most interesting and somewhat (proud) as well. We are always growing and developing. There is never any time of year, when we are not expanding, innovating and taking on new challenges. To give you an idea into what we mean, just look the stats below.

facts and figures

Wanna Join the Club?

We are collaborative and comfortable bunch of talented folks, always open to new ideas, strategies and above all, people. We believe, we’re collectively enriching people’s lives with rich experiences and easy to use solutions, and building a culture that supports and encourages growth and accomplishments. If you can’t say the same thing about your current company, WE SHOULD DEFINITELY TALK.

We’re growing quickly to meet our client demands and are looking for candidates willing to take the bull from horns.Please send your portfolios and resumes to RED SIGNAL’s Talent Acquisition department ( hr@redsignal.biz ) and be sure to like us at Facebook and follow us at LinkedIn.

Fundamentals of Social Media and Social Media Marketing

If success becomes challenging, it’s time to master the fundamentals again.

When studied in Social Media Marketing’s context, this rationale weighs even more truth. Businesses are eager to move into Social Media cosmos, and in their efforts, they are going all out to failure. We see hundreds and thousands of businesses desperately trying to socialize themselves through Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter accounts, Pinterest setups, but no body pays them attention. Time wasted, money burnt and focus lost. You call it unfortunate, we know it as Failure.

Question: Why Businesses fail in Social Media cosmos?
Answer: Absolutely ‘No Planning’ or ‘Poorly though out Planning’ or…….

When marketers don’t plan, they plan for failure. And, when marketers plan poorly, they plan to fail audaciously. So, why not to stick to ‘Fundamentals’ again, and redefine Social Media environment; what social media is all about, how users work here, and what it takes to engage with these users.

Fundamentals Make the Market and Market approves fundamentals. Yes, believe it or fail…

Social Media Is Real People – Engage with them Intelligently:

Today, social media is deeply woven into people’s lives. It’s more like a consumer generated media where consumers gather to listen, talk and share with one another. They listen to those whom they like and, they talk with those whom they know. They share what they believe to be interesting and they discuss what they what they believe worth spreading.

This behavior is quite similar to that observed in daily lives of people. People, to strangers, are moody and are choosy, they are solemn and they are serious. To strangers, they are cautious, they are conservative.

The more a marketer understands similarities between real social life and online social media life of people, the brighter the prospects of his marketing intelligence become.

‘Being Real to the People Who are Real is the Real Challenge that Social Media Marketers don’t really want to learn…’

Did you ever bother to see what’s common among Successful Social Media campaigns? They all were based on building real relationships with social media audience and, strengthening these relationships through consistent follow ups.

Nobody Wants to be Sold – Build Relationship First and Sell Later:

The second most important fact worth learning is, ‘Nobody wants to be Sold and that too, sold right away’. Before digging deeper into this behavior, let’s ask a question.

Question: Social Media is, ideally, suitable for drawing:

1-      Direct Sales
2-      Direct Audience

My answer to the question is: 2

It does not mean that businesses cannot get sales leads from social media at all.  It just means that shifting the focus at ‘Drawing Audience’ will ultimately result in ‘receiving leads’. The moment users figure out that the ‘ROI Equation’ is all that a business is interested in, they would not let them get near or engage with.

As said earlier, ‘No Body Wants to Be Sold’.

Users do not spend their days and nights on social media websites to ‘buy products’. They visit these websites to discover, to explore, to observe, to critique and to share. For successful social media campaign, businesses need building ‘repo’ first.

In Social Media landscape, your services are your second introduction. Your first introduction is your activity; knowledge you share, tips you give, discussions you join and people you engage with. Your actions, interactions, reactions and inactions are monitored by people. The moment you engage with them, the very first thing they do is to see who you are, what you are doing and what people are saying about you. Get your answers ready for your viewers.

Having done this, now spice up your business with latest discounts, sales offers and marketing promotions. This is what we call Socializing Business.

It takes time, but it gives REAL results.

Do in Rome What the Romans Do – Not, as Americans do in Afghanistan:

A singer is not a singer only; he can be a father, a brother, a friend and a teacher also. Did you get that?

Let me explain what’s this and what’s it to do with our social media marketing.

There is a user, say Brian. He has an account with Facebook. He has an account with Twitter as well. Likewise, he has accounts with Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg, Tumbler and so on. Brian deals in garments. What he must be doing on all these social networking websites?

It’s wrong if you think that Brian follows same things on these different platforms. Same Brian behaves differently on these different platforms. On Facebook, he must be engaged with his friends, family and relatives, sharing with them light news, entertainment videos, funny images and family event stories. On LinkedIn, Brian must be building his industry relationships, sharing his business intelligence and following business centric information sources. On Pinterest, he must be following latest trends and fresh inventories.  And the story can continue accordingly.

What we learn from Brian, is that, each social platform has its own opportunities, its own challenges and its own dialect, collectively nurturing a particular environment which is suitable for only specific course of actions.

For successful Social Media Marketing, a business must learn to project its image on these different landscapes, accordingly. Again, do in Rome what the Romans do.

Digg Bought Up By Betaworks — Can It Be A New Beginning For Digg?

Silicon Valley has grown too much mechanical and complex that single business idea can take any start up to the pinnacles of glory and likewise a simple act of negligence can get any sky dwelling company, smeared into dust.

Last week, NYC based Betaworks acquired social news site Digg with all its lock, stock and barrel for $500,000 only. Started in 2004, Digg once used to be one of the best sites for news and visitors from all over the world used to visit it.

Betaworks plans to get Digg mixed with a new start up News.me. News.me started last year and sends its users a newsletter covering all the content shared by their friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

Twitter and Facebook were the ones who blew the hardest blows at Digg. In 2008, Digg got 30 million visitors and during those times, it was a 2 digit million dollar company. It was estimated to be valued at $150 million and according to some rumors, Google also once had a mind to buy Digg for $20 million. And now…..!

One of my friends at TC summed all this story with a crispy lesson, ‘ When you are hot, play your hand. Waiting too long and the fine wine spoils quickly’.

A reference about Betaworks from au.ibtimes about Betaworks goes like this:

‘Betaworks is a company that is invested in technology services. Betaworks is also the brain behind Bit.ly, the link-shortening service, and News.me, an iPad-based news aggregator developed in together with The New York Times Company. Betaworks plans to develop a new unit which would combine the Digg assets and News.me and it also has plans to create a new version of Digg that would go hand in hand with News.me’s iPhone/iPad applications. John Borthwick, the founder of Betaworks would also act as the chief executive for Digg’.

Would this be a new start for Diggs or ……. ????

In 2012, Google+ Is A Ghost Town — Yet It Would Manage To Survive Till 2050


Google, on its annual developers’ conference held in San Francisco, not only kept rolling out its new line of products and services, but also took considerable time for surfacing some key stats related to Google+ and android adoption. Google says that its android adoption has considerably increased from 100 million to 400 million within a year which means 1 million devices are activated each day. Likewise, number of active users has also risen up from 150 million to 250 million in the same time span.

As far as android adoption is concerned, these stats aren’t any surprise for most of us. But for Google+, I must add, things aren’t going much smoother. Right from its inception, Google+ was welcomed all around unanimously as a killer to Facebook. On this very day, one year ago, while launching Google+, company said:

                ‘Online sharing is currently a nettlesome experience and we are here to make it pleasing through making fixes’

 And now at this day, it’s Google+ that itself needs fixes. Surely, Facebook was criticized underhand and it was implied that Google+ would outgun Facebook in no time.

It ain’t agony column and the whole writing doesn’t mean to deny the potentials and whole lot of features of Google+. It’s just an attempt to show how Google+ failed to derive fruits from angry Facebook boys.

At the time when Google+ was being set up, Facebook had 700 million active users and now it has more than 945 million users. It means that despite reaching at the verge of saturation, Facebook still outrun Google+ on the basis of new signups and likewise Google+ failed to drive the whole masses to its nest despite comprehensive integrations with most of Google’s services.

Likewise, the paddling through Google+ reveals stark inactivity around. Despite some most interesting and engaging features offered by Google+, most of the profiles still present pictures of lost streets of villages where people have forgotten to peddle again. Comscore released a report showing a comparison between users’ active sessions on Google+ and Facebook. According to report, users spent 3.3 minutes on average on Google+ as compared to 7 minutes on Facebook. Besides, according to latest reports issued by RJ Metrics, active users took 12 days for each post and moreover, 30% never returned again.

Google+ wasn’t meant to be for all that failing insights. People had strewn cordial petals for it and though that it would offer them clean full stop from Facebook. But Google had been high brow at that time and consumed so much time to offer brands business profiles. Likewise, news organizations weren’t readily allowed to use its potentials readily and accordingly. As a result, just 4 months after its launch, it started suffering user drain substantially.

As a result of these decisions, both marketers and news agencies became skeptical about Google+ and when they were offered toiling, it had become too late. Most of the people think that Google+ is quite boring and doesn’t fit to their moods.

Being an E-Business Consultant, I feel that Google+ has still unexplored potentials not only in regards to marketing and generating target leads but for domestic life chores as well. Number of tech professionals on Google+ is quite encouraging and perhaps they’re most active users as FaceBooks acute street culture doesn’t fit to their ideas and thoughts.

If you’re a business person and are either looking to hire a programmer or hire a developer, Google+ offers quite adequate resources for that. Likewise, for any business, there are great groups specifically doing business activities. On the other hand, even the most vibrant of the business pages are just social pages and are inherently bound to just socialize thereon.

The Future of Google+

                           The close integration with basic services like Gmail and Google  Apps for Business is a big come-on to individuals and organizations wanting a seamless way of communicating, collaborating and getting social with online friends.

Though Google+ would keep on undergoing users’ non-advertence, yet it won’t roll back. Why? Share your thoughts with us!


Best Social Networking Sites For Businesses — You Can’t Wear The Same Dress On Each Place


Our clients in different parts of the world, in particular and, all the businesses in general,  often ask whether their ideal market rests on Facebook or its on Google+, and on Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Undoubtedly, all of these social networks offer gigantic user base, at least quite enough to create brand advocacy across the internet. But when it comes to conversions, studying population type becomes rather more driving factor behind launching marketing campaigns.

There are some of widely known facts about particular social platforms. I am afraid, businesses don’t realize their importance and are later found complaining the futility of their time and resources. So, I am categorizing some of important SNS according to their dominant utilities so that you may work well in gaining sound grounds.


  • Facebook has over 900 million active users and most of them use FB for connecting with friends and families. Users therein behave quite same as sitting in their drawing rooms or friends gathering at college cafeteria. So, any implied sales pitch would readily be discarded.

So, keeping this in mind, Facebook shouldn’t be used as visible sales portal, it should rather be used for brand awareness and brand visibility and increasing market penetration. If you want to show your company’s social aspects, human understanding, employees passion, you can do this well. Since each business deals with humans, so clients also want to know the humanitarian side of your business. Be smart and energetic on Facebook. Instead of posting odd blog links on your Company Fan Page, try to post some recreational stuff and some societal considerations. Create ‘real activity’ on your page.


  • Google+ has over 100 million users and just like on Facebook, users can update their status, share links and images and comment on others’ posts. But as a matter of fact, population on Google+ isn’t relations’ centric. Users mostly make circles on the basis of their profession and interest. So, here you can find refined user base depending upon your target market.

People gauging Google+ potentials readily start comparing it with FB’s user base and average active sessions. It’s a fact that people use Google+ just for average 3 minutes as compared to 8 hours on Facebook. But, Google+ is still an investment that would bring fruits, though steadily but for surely in the long run.


  • Twitter is a dark horse. It has over 465 million users and lets its users to break up short news in the form of tweets. People use it to share interesting content, build personal connections and know celebrities’ status etc.

The top famous people over Twitter aren’t its founders as Mark on FB. They include Lady Gaga, Shakira, Rihana, Justin Bieber etc. Anyhow, brands and companies can also create a buzz around Twitter by doing some intelligent micro-blogging. Your content would create your followers. It can be taken as a virtual press club that best suits to broadcast your official news and let your client base know about it. So don’t ever underrate Twitter because you’d have to suffer for that in the long run.



  • LinkedIn has almost 1 million active users in over 200 countries of the world. It’s a professional social networking site that allows connecting and stretching professional network with a person’s whole professional career’s information. Users use this for knowing and sharing business development ideas and finding talented employees

If you are a company, you can also set up a LinkedIn account and join your industry groups where you’d find birds of flock bringing new development ideas and sharing their experiences for better business practices. Besides, you can also find prospects in those groups and weave them into your business network. You can also find your ideal employee at LinkedIn as it allows users to make a professional resume like profile that includes all your experience, objectives, academic background, achievements and most importantly recommendations.

If you are wondering about your brand’s marketing potentials and opportunities, feel free to contact us.

Battle of Social Widgets: 24% Of World’s Top 10,000 Sites Use Facebook’s Official Widgets


Social Media Marketing has gained some exceptional momentum over last couple of years and after organic searches, major part of the traffic is referred by social media. According to the reports, world’s top 10,000 websites feel that social media integration is crucial to traffic referrals and conversion rates as well.

The study tells that 24.3% of top 10,000 sites have integrated Facebook’s official widget on their homepages. It’s important to note that this is only for homepage integration and if we count percentage for the whole website including all pages, this percentage increases even two times greater, i-e 49.3%.

The others significant competitors in line are Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Though Twitter features only on 10% of homepages yet it leads to 41% site links. In terms of homepage integration, Google+ is structured in 13% of sites and likewise 12.3% include links to G+. LinkedIn is incorporated only on 0.6% homepages and only 0.3% use its share button.

Though Facebook potency over the other SNS is quite obvious, there isn’t any point of underrating other social sites. Integrating other social plugins gives choice to the customers which is necessary for better user experience.

The study is quite important in terms of understanding trends in website designing and internet marketing and it stresses on the driving influence of leading social media networks on businesses. If you’re running business which is customer driven or even customer obsessed, integrating these widgets can put you in the limelight of the industry.

Being a premier web development company, we put such studies for our friends so that they can also widen their prospect range and have better reach to their ideal client base.

Facebook CTO Bret Taylor Is Stepping Down To Run His Own Startup With Google’s Guru Kevin Gibbs

Facebook has been consistently under clouds ever since it ran public IPO. One wonders how can world’s largest technology IPO stands just at $ 30, only after 1 month of valuation. So, undoubtedly, Facebook is at its climax and we all know that every climax is soon followed by dénouements of events.

It has started. Yes, the news tells that Facebook’s chief technology officer and platform saga owner; Bret Taylor is leaving this summer. As company’s CTO, much of the technology impact of Facebook went through Bret’s desk. Bret Taylor is going to launch its startup with Google App Engine founder Kevin Gibbs.

Facebook had built quite extraordinary ‘employee tenure period’ record and its retention rate is still exciting for tech geeks, but it looks as if new wave of disintegration has started to rise right from the nucleus of the organization.

Facebook, currently, has more than 900 million active users and half of them use Facebook from their mobile devices. But, surprisingly, 50% of the active user base offers 0% revenue to the company. So, for how long Facebook can generate its revenue primarily from being prime internet marketing services’ portal.

Due to IPO fallout, Facebook is currently under modified hiring freeze and now new recruits are being boarded. Last to join the Facebook battalion were Apple’s engineers who would help Facebook in coming up with its own mobile device.  Anyhow, what would come next when Bret leaves Facebook, still offers some bright expectations for both users and company as well.

Big companies aren’t run on individual men only, it’s all rather about team work and though Facebook is currently feeling down and out for some good reasons, it’s hoped that being one of world’s largest tech firms, it would come up with more sustainable solutions.

Facebook Reconsiders Allowing Pre-Teens Access — All Things For All People

Let’s see how much Facebook succeeds in ‘all things for all people’ strategy!

Nothing has gone right for Facebook, ever since it went public. Various hoards of news have been circulating around that assert on the replacement of social King media, and under the same whims, users are encouraged to fly over some other networks. E-commerce solutions are also going much ineffective after all that. Facebook isn’t primarily blind to the deteriorating contexts and has started to play its trump cards.

‘In an attempt to tack on new users and tap on the new pool of revenues, Facebook is working on a technology which would not only allow pre-teens to use social media networking right under parental control but would also fuel privacy concerns as well’, says The Wall Street Journal.

Though, Facebook doesn’t allow under 13 to use social networking yet reports affirm that 7.5 million under 13 users are already in the party. Interestingly, just 18% of the parents have befriended their kids. Now, without the consent of parents, children won’t be able to join in.

What’s there For Web Development Companies?

As children would also join Facebook, Facebook can also become a ‘child store’ and certainly Facebook would have to bring apps for children. ClubPenguin is already much popular with 28 million users and likewise Poptropica has 76 million users and only few of web application development companies have toiled on this horizon. These children use tablets and thus developing Android apps and iPad apps would certainly gain more market space.