Hiring A Good Mobile App Agency. Really?

Is this mobile agency good? Do they have experienced mobile developers? Or they have established processes to communicate and deliver the projects? Can you trust them? Hiring a good mobile development agency is an important decision. But, it’s not easy as well. Wide open eyes!


Don’t buy the adjectives that mobile app development companies use in their services, on their business websites. Do some research on the web, check their popularity, reviews and ratings (at least on their Facebook, LinkedIn pages). This can give you a quick and unbiased look inside company, its people and its customers.

True that, there are dozens of mobile development companies in every city around the world – and each of them claims to be ‘the best’. So, isn’t it all about choosing any of them, right?

No, it doesn’t work like that. Not all mobile companies have the same level of expertise and experience, are equally sincere and dependable, or stick to same quality standards. This is where you need some time to see, talk and judge if they really mean what they say or promise. And seriously, this is the toughest part of the job. So, here is a checklist to help you look at the important things about a company and take the better decisions.


1. Cross check website testimonials!

Testimonials are very important. But, this is where companies tend to play dirty and come up with fake testimonials. Ask your mobile app development company for the contact details (phone numbers and/or email ids,) so you can do some cross-checking yourself.

2. Cost effective or loss leaders, be suspicious!

Best app develops and cheapest service providers – unfortunately these are 2 different things and don’t really go together in a single set (considering the prevailing work standards). So, any time you come across a company offering you the cheapest quote, be suspicious. Chances are their work quality would be cheapest too.

OK! Wanna debate?

Go to their portfolios. See their work. Look at their design. Give a check to the functionality. And don’t be sad if it’s cheap because We told you it was meant to be so.

3. They are global?

A good company works beyond geographical boundaries. They have nice (at the least) global presence. Patching up with a sales person in any foreign country and calling his abode ‘Country Office’ – however shameful, but people are doing it. Take such bla bla with a pinch of salt. Run inquiry about where company has registered overseas offices and ask for few valid contacts. Even easier, go to company’s LinkedIn page and see how many of their employees work in that country.

(Oh please, don’t tell us that your company doesn’t have their LinkedIn page. It’s ridiculous)

4. Experienced team of developers or developers with relevant experience?

Experience and relevant experience – you see, they are different things. Consider this:

You’ve got an idea and you want to have an iPhone app. Now you have a developer having 5 years of experience, going to work on your project. The catch? What if the person had been working on java apps for all those 5 years? What if he as new to iPhone as a dentist to eyes?

Hire those app developers who have relevant experience, required for your project. That’s the only way to make sure your projects ends, and it ends well.

5. Turnaround? How fast?

This is people, like you and me, who make apps. There can be technical glitches, the app developer assigned at your project might take a sick-leave, or worse yet switch to another company. Who knows, shit happens all the times.

It’s better ask company to share their back-up plans because its their responsibility to complete the project within stipulated deadline – no matter how hard the problems they might be having. Perhaps, this is why you should avoid hiring 5-7 people agencies and studios. At least, with big companies, you never run short of resources.

6. Non-Disclosure Agreements? Yes or No?

Any company not willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)….. that’s not cool. Most likely, it’s not very good idea to engage further with such companies. These agreements ensure that, once the project is completed and delivered, you (the client) gets the sole ownership and custody of all intellectual rights (IRP) of the project. Without these agreements, where would you go for further updates or so?

7. Full Suite of Development Services?

Designers design. Coders code. Marketers market. For an app to be developed, designers, developers and marketers, they all work together in one team. There are mobile app companies who do not have UI/UX teams, let alone the marketing guys. The programmers double up as designers, and (that’s foul) make a right hash of it. Now, you can do 2 different things. Choice is yours.

Either hire a company that offers a full suite of mobile app development services and can handle your project from design to development and then testing and launch or hire 2 different companies where first does the design and second does the rest of work. In any case, you would get better than what you were getting earlier.

This is it. You enjoyed it, then share your thoughts with us.

Game is Changing, Get Ready – BlackBerry Maker RIM Spends US $100 Million To Grow Developers Community


What’s the future of BlackBerry maker RIM; dead, alive or reborn? These days, there is much hue and cry over this question and among all this fuss, RIM once again takes the floor and announces that it would invest $100 million in growing BlackBerry’s developers’ community. Few days ago, RIM had already announced that its BlackBerry 10 would not get decked in market shelves any sooner before 1st quarter of 2013.

This large number of writings, news and analysis are acute evidence to the high stature that once RIM used to possess. After lapse of these couple of years, just same as millions of other former berry-carriers, I myself still cherish pleasant memories for RIM.

Now that RIM announces $100 million for Blackberry’s developers’ community, we can’t help but wonder if it’s too late to mend now or RIM can still rise from ashes like mythical phoenix. At BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour, RIM offers various lucrative and attractive packages for those who would develop for BlackBerry 10 OS. RIM offers valuable connections, one-on-one expert guidance huge amount of money if they successfully develop apps for their portal.

Now there are various speculations about how these developers’ growth programs might work. One attraction might be as developer would get $10,000 for developing a paid app which earns $1,000 in its first year.

95% market share erosion and horrendous financial losses have put RIM in its lowest ebbs and thus, developers aren’t ready to trust RIM so easily. One of these grim, gloomy and grotesque pictures portray that

‘BlackBerry is about to become extinct species, forsaken by 41% of mobile application development companies, where 14% of them were using it as their core services.’

How much RIM’s generous invitation impresses you, share with us.

Apple Unbeatable With $ 560B Market Cap — iPhone Makes Apple the World’s Most Valuable Company

As of July  2012, Apple has reached yet another milestone of having $599 per share which means that its total market capitalization gets to $ 560 B. Below is picture taken from Google Finance today.

As far as I can look back into past, Apple was never that much highly applauded tech celebrity around the world. Untill 2006, people only knew about Apple and its service and as soon as iPhone broke into the world, Apple has risen like any mythical phoenix.

So, lets dig into Apple mania.

  • Apple has sold 218 million iPhones uptill now which in return have generated a stream of revenue which MSFT’s whole range of services collectively cannot compete with.
  • iPhone produced $22.69b in last quarter which comprises 58% of the total revenue of the company.
  • Apple’s total revenue generated from Oct 94 to Sep 06, was just $139b, whereas iPhone’s total revenue generated in last 5 years is $143b.

Though users feel quite elated while using touch screen interface and watching highly visual icons yet iPhone apps have given iPhone the life that once Apple could only dream of. iPhone app development have brought millions of apps in App store and users use them all the time for making their experience more pleasant.

iPhone’s biggest competitors are Google and Samsung. Google’s open source Android OS and Samsung’s Galaxy line aren’t leaving the ground empty any more. What comes next, I leave it for you to think.

Let’s watch Apple’s Success story below:

How do you feel about Apple and its iPhones?

RIM Dicing Against Death – BlackBerry 10 Delayed, Jobs Cut Down, Dipping Revenue


‘It’s never too late to mend’ but for RIM, perhaps maxims don’t hold any water anymore. Ever since iPhone became a consumer smartphone, we’ve been watching RIM dicing against its death but I am afraid that no efforts, up to this moment, have produced any breakthrough for RIM.

Now, news about RIMs funeral don’t caste any wonder and we’re getting shodden for that as well. So what’s gushing out from Canadian company which is at its lowest ebbs,

                ‘RIM (Research In Motion Limited) said that it would hold its Blackberry 10 in bags until 2013, axe 5000 jobs and has also confirmed its dwindling finances with more than 5 times greater than expected revenue fall.’

RIM’s Blackberry 10; which supposedly carries some stunning features, was the last card which could save RIM. What wonders RIM is making in the back of its head but investors and consumers are not accepting this all as any intelligent move. It’s quite obvious not selling BlackBerry 10 till 2013 means there would be no holiday sales as well and eventually company must cut down its expenses. So, more and more jobs would be cut down.

There’re million reasons that may lead someone to failure and at times even the most passionate efforts are also put in bad books. So today, RIM’s decision for making phones only for corporate consumers looks quite myopic and unintelligent. In contrast, Apple made its iPhone and put it all for masses and today more than 40% of Apple’s revenue comes from iPhone sales.

As in modern businesses, miracles and luck are no more accredited for success, so RIM does need some brilliant move to keep heads off the water. RIM should try to stay as an exceptional hardware company and corroborate this fact by baking others’ softwares over its devices.

Every cloud has a silver lining:

People want to have new OS on Blackberry and there are only 2 choices for the company. Android and Windows, former is a juggernaut of OS while latter is also striving to mark established identity. So, using Windows operating system on new BlackBerry would help RIM in making ends meet.

Besides, mobile application developers also would wind back as they would make apps in windows os. Today smart phone consumers either go for iPhone or Android phones. iPhone application development and android application development would also get some tough times if Blackberry offers developers a lucrative portal for mobile application development.

Samsung Galaxy SIII’s Short Review — It’s The Best Smartphone That You Should Purchase. Full Stop!


As soon as Samsung Galaxy SII showed up in stores shelves, it gained dramatically huge hit; even beyond these words. And now Samsung Galaxy SIII is going to skip our beats. If you ask me for one word about Galaxy SIII, it would be ‘absobloodylutelyfantabolous’.

Being a web and mobile application development company, RED SIGNAL often provides product insights for our clients and general readers. Many among you would be found scratching your heads in confusions while deciding which smartphone best serves your personality. So this review is for you fellows!

Samsung Galaxy SIII is quite rightly the best phone available in market right now. It comes with many features enough to elate your phone experience. It really does not necessarily mean that it bears no cons; they’re always there with every product in the world.

It’s software features and lush display with smart specs are fully admirable where as it’s physical beauty isn’t up to the mark due to its crumby plastic case. So let’s glance through its ‘goods’ first and ‘bads’ later on.


  • 4.8 inch, 720 x 1280 Super AMOLED display – Surely the largest display screen size among mobile phones
  • Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich – Latest Android OS
  • Samsung’s TouchWiz Overlay –Totally re-tooled for more interactive and smoothly navigable user experience
  • S-Beam, NFC and Wi-Fi Direct – Most powerful feature for transferring files from one phone to the other. Give me a break
  • 2GB RAM – Highest in memory strand
  • 8MP rear camera and 1.9 MP front camera
  • 4G LTE/HSPA+ Network
  • Manufacturer suggested retail price : $ 199 for 16GB on-contract, $249 for 32GB on-contract

For better decision making, let’s look at following comparison table among iPhone 4S, Galaxy SIII and HTC One X:

Windows Phone 8 — Multi Core Support, Nokia Maps, Google’s Payment Part, Skype & VOIP Integration

Past few years weren’t any cool for Microsoft but suddenly all that turned chilling and eye-freezing for Microsoft when it showed up with its Windows 8 ‘Surface’ and Windows 8 in last couple of days or so. Frankly speaking, it looks as if Microsoft is tugging up its trousers and sleeves to put die hard ordeal against current tech tycoons such as Apple, Google, Samsung etc. Though it would be quite premature that MSFT has risen like a phoenix from ashes but nevertheless it’s a significant leap from its current mediocrity. It reminds me a song that I used to hear while I was lost and out;

                ‘Right hook Knock out, Left hook knock out, straight upper cut, left right hook knock out, 1 2 combination and it’s a knock out, jumping head first, this is a knock out…..’

Windows 8 Phone’s Features:

Anyways, let’s have a user look at MSFT’s Windows 8 phone. Microsoft has made some significant changes in Windows 8 OS. New OS is dual core and quad core supporting and likewise Near Field communication is facilitated terrifically. For creating an environment encouraging both mobile and desktop ecosystems simultaneously, Windows 8 has been shifted to NT kernel. Now developers would be able to develop for both mobile and desktop systems in a go.

Besides, Microsoft has provided excellent Wallet solutions that work directly with the carriers; it means a collaborative mobile payment between Verizone, AT&T and T-mobile etc. Near Field Communications and support for external SD memory cards, three screen resolutions, deeper skype and VOIP integration, Nokia Maps etc are other exciting attractions for the users.

But existing windows devices aren’t fully able to grasp the fruits. So, MSFT is going to bring.a Windows Phone 7.8 update which would partly support some of Windows 8 features. For full Windows 8 compatibility, new hardware would be needed.

What’s Next…..???

Windows has brought some new vibrations in mobile and software industry. Windows mobile application development was at its lowest ebbs for last year but with new Windows 8, windows app developers would find new horizons in mobile application development. Apple, Samsung, Nokia and now Microsoft have brought some unique features in their devices and now it’s Blackberry lagging miles behind all of others. Who would win this ongoing battle, what are your thoughts?

Nokia’s PureView 808 — World’s First 41 Megapixel Built-in Camera With Pixel Sampling Technology Phone May Come Today


Have you ever thought of buying a camera for the mobile phone and a mobile phone for the camera?

If yes, Nokia cares for you! On its Facebook fan page, Nokia told that it ‘may’ bring in a new symbian smartphone; Nokia Pureview 808 with Brobdingnagian ’41 megapixel built in camera. Nokia had already announced earlier in this year that it has created some wonderful algorithms with pixel over-sampling technology, which can take the mobile photography experiment to the new levels of excitement and thrill.

Currently most of the mobiles come with 5mp and highest in the lane have 8mp. So, 41 mp means ‘beyond excellent photo’ which could be zoomed 7 times better than the traditionally captured photos. And likewise the quality of the photo wouldn’t suffer even a single speck displaced or disjoined.

The teaser image posted at fan page carries ’18-06-12’ on it and surprisingly this is the same date which MSFT has selected for its ‘mystery event day’. Many have been misled by the assumption that both Nokia and Microsoft would break some same news; presumably MSFT’s tablet. But the signs are touting some other breakouts.

Nokia’s Pureview 808 is a symbian phone and if it makes way to USA, it would be sold unlocked. This means that it won’t be glued to any particular carrier for being unlocked but you must pay in full to have hands on it.

Much zeal and zest has been observed among mobile application developers. Di-polar app development; iphone app development and android application development, now, also need some tough competition so that developers could opt for other tools as well. If Nokia’s 808 becomes a street and market success, Symbian would find revival and likewise, smartphone industry would also reach some more versatile grounds of exploration.

Nevertheless, how do you feel about having a ’41 megapixel camera’ and how are you planning to use it?

Nokia Lumia 900 — The Dark Knight Rises Special Edition Soon Hits European Markets

As for movies, this summer is perhaps swept by superheroes, sparked off with ‘The Avengers’. The next big thing rolling out on theatres would be Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Yes, in this summer, the Dark Knight would resurface and again protect the city from terrorists.

Enough about flicks! From Nokia’s Twitter account, we learn that

‘Nokia is going to launch its Batman-themed Lumia 900 just in the times when The Dark Knight Rises’ hits the theatres’.

This custom Lumia 900 straight from Gotham city is all the same as Lumia 900 and the only difference that it makes is ‘laser-etched insignia’ at polycarbonate body. Last year Nokia did employ the same marketing nets when it released ‘very limited stock’ for the Batman-themed Lumia 800.

The Dark Knight – Lumia 900 would dash in UK, Germany, France and other European countries but there’re no reports asserting its entrance in the US. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Bat-man themed smartphone would not hit other countries, but it wouldn’t be available right under the swing of Dark Knight Rises. Pricing isn’t discussed yet.

As the clouds of Olympics 2012 have also reached right on the heads, web development industry is particularly feeling the swing and sway. Most of the local businesses are vying for web application development and other e-commerce solutions. And this batman-themed Lumia 900 confirms that big brands of the world are also looking to gleam most out of these public events. Hundreds of Android phone apps are already staged for Olympics. But in mobile application development, iPhone apps are most synthetic, particularly due to deeper market penetration into European markets.

Anyhow, both Dark Knights, Christopher Nolan’s and Nokia’s, are highly anticipated and the earlier you could get your hands on them, the more enjoyable your summer would be.

Facebook May Launch Its Own Smartphone Next Year — Third Time Lucky?

Competition among web development companies may find some truce at particular portals but this rat race among them finds no ending at all. Question under discussion is,’ Whether a web development company in general and software development company in particular can build their own smartphones and how far this would be beneficial for them to reach at the top of the game”? Anyhow, the cat is soon to be expected jump out of the bags when ‘Facebook’ officially announces its plans for building smartphones.

‘The people walking right under Facebook umbrella have asserted that Facebook will build its own smartphone by the next year’.

By laborious lion-hunt expedition launched one and half years ago, the company already has held on more than a dozen Apple software and hardware engineers who have ventured on Apple’s iPhone and iPad development. This is the 3rd time that Facebook is trying to find grounds in smartphone industry; all earlier efforts went futile due to churning complexities.

However last week, Google has grabbed Motorola Mobility with $ 12.5 billion and it needs no explanation that this would lead Google to build its own smartphone. So, Facebook would be blank entrant in smartphone industry and may encounter some hush and kick from industry giants.

Mobile Application Development meets new expansions

Mobile application developers had been continuously moaning at narrowing app development portals. Blackberry app development and windows application development  are offering no vibrations, developers say. There is either Android application development or iPhone app development that has seized the market. Facebook’s smartphone would obviously allow them to juggle around another interface and grab more market.

No ‘Think Different’: Apple Steals ‘Free App of the Week and Editor’s Choice’ From Others

Apple’s iOS and Mac App stores just got an interesting pinch at the end of the last week. iOS and Mac app stores would, from now on, carry ‘free app of the week’ and ‘editor’s choice’ section. Apple has inspired millions of businesses around the world and most of the tech revolution during the last decade and so was led by Apple.

‘Think Different’ company hasn’t come up with anything different this time with its new ‘free app and editor’s choice’. This idea isn’t any newer and is around for much time. Amazon’s App Store for Android Apps already is a big success and features same free app promotion.

On Apple’s App Store’s official Twitter account, we found that ‘ Cut the Rope: Experiments’ is Apple’s nomination for the free app of the week in iOS store. For iPhone Extreme Skater and Facebook Camera, for iPad Sketchbook Ink and Cobook and for Mac App Store Deus Ex Human Revolution are Editor’s Choices.


There isn’t any doubt that Apple’s App Search mechanism isn’t any better than average search algos and it is the most rated apps that make visibility during a search errand. iPhone app developers often find it very difficult to reach top 10 or 25 apps so that their apps could be marked during searches. This ‘free app of the week’ and ‘editor’s choice’ would help users find more interesting apps in Apple’s exploding App Store.

Nevertheless, iphone app development is one of the most challenging tasks and this free app promotion would surely help those apps to hold grounds. Anyways, Android application development and iPhone application development are both handsome platforms and both enjoy substantial market share. So, for businesses, it’s viable to make apps for both platforms in order to reach those markets under their wings.