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Redesign. But Only Intelligently

Thinking about redesigning? Definitely it must be about increasing your revenue. Well, be cautious. The results you may see after redesign might not be the same as you are expecting. In fact, they often come opposite, just as Forrester study suggests, redesign provides a 44% chance to decrease performance, a 39% chance to decrease conversion, […]

RED SIGNAL 2014 Year in Review

As December is about to become history and New Year is joining us in next week, we wanted to reflect on the achievements, milestones and moments that marked our year. Record growth, exceptional new and existing client initiatives, and our notoriously famous (the world loves when we party) in-house events made for a memorable 2014, […]

Blood, Sweat, and a Great App

We have heard it before: I have an app and I want to get it featured on the App Store. Well, of course having an app featured in App Store is by no means a small feat. But, before that, why not talk about more important thing – Great product Building a good product and […]

Common Mistakes in Web Design Process

Well, we get lots of emails from different parts of the world. It makes us happy when they like our work, share it among their circles and encourage us to continue with the same passion. Well, we have no secrets and we have no super-nerdish science. All we do is make sure ‘we don’t make […]

5 TED Talks Every Designer Must See Before He Dies

TED, for sure, it’s not all about hardcore technology and rhetorical design theories only. There are ideas, inspirations, discussions, and above all – there is motivation for all of us… We, as a leading web design company, too need this inspiration and motivation and we get it from different design books, documentaries and talks. So, […]

Hiring A Good Mobile App Agency. Really?

Is this mobile agency good? Do they have experienced mobile developers? Or they have established processes to communicate and deliver the projects? Can you trust them? Hiring a good mobile development agency is an important decision. But, it’s not easy as well. Wide open eyes!   Don’t buy the adjectives that mobile app development companies […]

iBeacons & RED SIGNAL — We’re Pushing Boundaries further & faster

Often biggest changes in technologies come around from smallest beginnings. Just last summer in 2013, Apple announced iBeacon, a nerd-dragging feature allowing mobile apps (iOS and Android) to behave and respond in a location-awareness ecosystem – indoor mobile communication. Well, that’s the concept. Imagine if your mobile app could sense the position of its users […]