Revolutionize E-Commerce — Retail Lessons For E-Commerce Websites

Though ecommerce is reaching newer horizons of success every day but frankly speaking this ecommerce experience isn’t much successful in triggering the real life shopping experience which we generally cherish while shopping in a shopping mall or a shopping market. It’s missing ‘fun’ element. Normally ecommerce venture starts from Google or Amazon and after submitting a particular search request, number of results appear from where you scan for the cheapest deal offered. Sometimes it starts from a retailer’s store where you go through a whole range of articles and, if lucky enough, you stumble upon your ideal purchase. But, still it misses the real time shopping experience that carries social experience. Doesn’t it? Almost all of us shop around with our friends and family and find it better to consult with them before making any purchase decisions. That’s why shopping is fun!

So ecommerce solutions need some social upgrades which in turn, would not only enable sellers reach broader consumer markets but would simultaneously help customers find blissful social experience as well.  Following few steps would surely help in stepping towards revolutionary e-commerce experience.

Let People Speak Their Heart:

Buying experience is all about finding desired products both easily and interestingly. We share and consult various aspects of products with others. Currently many brands have attached a ‘want’ button with the products but this performs quite poorly in social aspects as it blatantly intrigues ‘sales pitch’.

If visitors are allowed to emote about product in frank manners, ultimately it would create more engagements. Buttons such as weird, amazing, cool, interesting would enrage follow up comments and could even lead to viral broadcast across social realms. Let consumers speak what they think of your products.

Showcase What’s Hot:

Allowing users to share their thoughts over your products would ultimately let you know which they liked most and which they didn’t. You would, as a result, know which product is “hot cake” in your inventory. Featuring these products would allow users know the buying trends of other shoppers.

One Click Shopping:

Currently e-commerce sites involve too many unnecessary stages in a shopping process. Now there’s a need to make ecommerce as simple as possible. Apple’s iTunes store has shown us the trick by ditching cart and introducing one click shopping environment.

Even in the real life, cart is a mere drag and shoppers feel uneasy with that. Shopping is as simple as liking an article and then simply ordering for it. That’s what we can achieve in e-commerce as well.

Get Your Mobile Ecommerce into Action:

Figures about social media engagement over mobiles are getting increasingly interesting. Recent stats show that more than half of Facebook users use Facebook at their mobiles. Desktops are losing their grounds steadily. So it’s time to make most out of this scenario.

After creating social coating over your products, try to catch the customers over their mobiles. Make sure that you are easily found on mobiles and that you have breathe-easy shopping environment.

Ecommerce is undoubtedly a gold mine and lots of entrepreneurs are making fortunes out here. Don’t forget to visit our web application development services before you jump in the bandwagon!

SEO Checklist For E-commerce Sites

In an intense internet integrated world, business markets have transformed into business spaces. Initially customers visited your business websites first and once impressed; they took their boots on to visit your business shops.  But, this trend too changed soon and now customers are increasingly getting prone to online shopping. Blown up by this trend, many businesses readily joined the bandwagon and soon they realized that getting business over internet isn’t that much easy and ultimately got their pockets burnt. So, this writing aims at assisting those e-commerce shop owners.

If you have user friendly E-commerce site with nice design but you are still in doldrums about how to get the customers directed buzzing around your products, go through following checklist.

1-      Signing up forums related to your products is a first step. Try to make an active presence at these forums and answer the questions related to your products in a way that shows your business intelligence and credibility.

2-      An article section on your e-commerce site would help you generating large number of back links to your site. Put in a form that allows people to submit their articles. You can ask them to exchange their good posts related to your products. This will not only make them aware of your site but they would also refer back to their site in their future posts.

3-      You can get product reviews and articles from your competitors as well. Distribute them accordingly.

4-      Blog Section on your site must be updated both actively and regularly. Give out manufacturer codes regularly.

5-      Download all product manuals and attach them to your individual products. This will enable consumers to know the products at length and would thus help in buying decision formation.

6-      Directory submission. Yes, for ecommerce sites, it does brilliant wonders.

7-      Do on-site SEO intelligently. I assume you know how to do it. But if you’re week in this section, don’t hesitate to check on with our internet marketing services.

There are many other techniques but I’d like to keep you busy in that for now. Don’t be shy in sharing your experience with me. If you feel that your e-commerce site does not bear friendly user interface or modern sleek design, perhaps it’s time to check our E-commerce solution.

How Big Is Facebook’s Data — Action Stations At Billionaire’s Business Buzzer

If Facebook was a country, its one billion active users would have made it world’s 3rd largest country. And at company’s campus, VP of Facebook’s Engineering showed some mind blowing figures regarding their data processing.

Facebook literally outstrips any of the worlds passed and existing regimes how effortlessly it records and analyzes users’ behavior over Facebook. Undoubtedly, Facebook has now been credited for world’s largest data collection on human social behavior.  Each user’s private conversation, photo uploading, demographics, birthday etc. is collected and then compiled accordingly so that businesses could use it in their business models logically. Surely some of your personal information is also part of this mammoth data compilation.

Stats show that its system processes 2.5 billion chunks of content and +500 terabytes of data, 2.7 billion ‘Like’ actions and 300 million photos each day. It thoroughly indexes nearly 105 terabytes of data every 30 minutes.  Now that company has gone public and pressure to find on new business sustainability has increased hundred folds, scientists are now pulling their wires to use this mammoth information source to use intelligently.

VP told that by processing data in a wink, Facebook now can better understand user reactions and ultimately can roll out new products more systematically. “Big data really is about having insights and making an impact on your business. If you aren’t taking advantage of the data you are collecting, then you just have a pile of data, you don’t have big data”, said VP.

Company also spoke about its revolutionary project called ‘Prism Project’ that aims at solving biggest problem that Facebook has up till now faced regarding massive data operations. He told that Facebook is still cooking up documentation on this project and would soon start official engineering blog post.

Now that we have seen that Facebook holds the key to data that can bring fortunes to world businesses, business owners are keen to know more about human psychometrics so that they could also use it for higher RIO. E-commerce solutions would be of real worth if one knows how to manipulate from users dynamics. We are proud that being Web Design Company, we too specialize in E-business consultancy.

Our business marketers are expert in pulling in successful business strategies and thus create buzz around your brands. Don’t hesitate to contact us for knowing what your business needs to be successful.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Hits Markets Shelves Today – Challenger To Apple’s iPad


Samsung has dramatically risen up in 2012’s tech basket and has successfully challenged Apples’ monarchy throughout the world. Galaxy SIII has already been an aspiring success story among smartphones and today comes Galaxy Note 10.1 to move tectonic plates of tabs industry.

Without any further ado, let’s have a quick look into it first.


Following are some of specs worth noting.

  • As name tells, 10.1 inch LCD display
  • Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Samsung Exynos Processor
  • 5MP and 1.MP rear and front cameras respectively
  • Wi-Fi Centric
  • MSRP: $ 499 and $ 549 for 16 GB and 64 GB model respectively

Well, all of above features including camera and display screen, processor etc, aren’t the real party features of this latest Samsung Not, in fact not strong enough to challenge Apple’s ipad. Aesthetically, this tab provides average joy.

It’s strongest feature is its dramatic ‘Stylus’. This Stylus (S-Pen) provides amazing precision which is rather impossible to achieve with fingers.  Writing and drawing experience with iPad is rather terrible but Samsung Note exceptionally recognizes both handwritten English language and mathematical equations as well.

Samsung is quite confident to break into tabs industry deeper with its newest Galaxy Note and initial feedback of users also shows that it’s a ‘great tablet’, great enough to fill in the suit of iPad. Btw, ‘great tablet’ is also under Apple’s patent.

Android application development is currently beating iOS development and almost every new month is bearing more Android powered gadgets. So, how this latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 affects mobile application development is also another point of interest.

SEO Tips to Increase Sales of E-commerce Stores || Do it Right and Take Money Home


Today, there are thousands of e-commerce stores that despite having excellent design and user interface, are still performing terribly in terms of their ROI. There are some tips which have helped our lot of clients who too suffered from earlier e-halts and jerks!

So, if you are running an e-commerce store or e-shop, you too must be using traditional SEO methods. Though traditional SEO brings in lot of traffic and surely helps in improving general result rankings of your website, but your genuine business objective, i-e, making sales is way far behind than expectations. Thus, targeting visitors who could be potential customers is critical to success of e-commerce.

After you have availed with our E-commerce Solutions, it’s time to execute following course of actions.

1-      Driving Keywords Recognition:

Knowing genuinely rush keywords is a real money spinner for your store. There have been some incredible tools to analyze weighing keywords and if you feel you aren’t good at mathematics, any web design company can help you with that. Nevertheless, by this, you would get the incredible marketing insights such as demographics, redundant referring words, visitors’ life cycle etc.

By analyzing these reports, you would realize which of your phrases attracted your visitors most and which of molded those visitors into customers. In order to increase your sales, you need both types of visitors as they are not only interdependent to each other but are also critical to your search engine results.

2-      Directing Targeted/Quality Visitors:

If incoming traffic isn’t coherent and cohesive, you are ultimately going to pay for it by increased bounce rate. So, try to get quality web traffic, from quality links and quality words so that visitors coming in may enjoy being on your site and your hence bounce rate may drop down.

For example, an ecommerce store selling college sports uniforms can simply ignore ‘college sports’ because your objective is to sell sports uniforms for college students and not to inform over college sports merely/only.

Once you’ve learnt differentiating these unnoticeable differences, you will start getting audience that stays on your page and you have better chance to influence their decision making.

3-      Focus on Organic Search Results and learn to sell more and more through them:

As told earlier, continuously monitoring your web traffic gives you invaluable insights into your site’s performance. By the end you will come to know which of your terms/phrases/keywords are generating  high quality traffic over them.

Start off with few terms and then stretch over other terms gradually, same as a seed starts stretching over skies. Customers would enjoy being thereon your site and feel psychologically compelled towards buying as your e-commerce shop has resulted directly as a result of their search.

Though these techniques are quite simple and can ultimately help you in increasing your conversions, but mind it, your site must cater excellent user experience as well.