Facebook — How To Get More Likes, Shares & Comments On Your Posts? (Infographic)

Having thousands of likes and hundreds of shares on your post of Facebook makes you a cool personality over social media. Doesn’t it? And if you want to have more and more likes and shares for you posts, try adding more photos in your updates.

Though each user on Facebook, somehow knows which of his posts are likeable for others and which aren’t. But marketing strategies are based on highly harmonized user patterns and for those marketing purposes, these findings provide comprehensive insights.

The results are based on studies of 1.3 million posts published on 10,000 most liked Facebook page.

As for the ‘type of the post’, Photos hit both maximum likes and maximum shares, where as texts raise higher comments. Videos and links gain least likes, shares and comments. Likewise, posts with references such as I, me get more likes as compared to normal status posts. Just for reminder, It’s a terrible fail on Twitter.

As strong web presence is crucial for modern businesses and to achieve this milestone, social media marketing budget has been doubled during last 2 years. What content should be shared over social media and how an engagement should be started and extended, are some of perplexing questions for businesses. That is why E-commerce solutions have been in high demand.

Digg Bought Up By Betaworks — Can It Be A New Beginning For Digg?

Silicon Valley has grown too much mechanical and complex that single business idea can take any start up to the pinnacles of glory and likewise a simple act of negligence can get any sky dwelling company, smeared into dust.

Last week, NYC based Betaworks acquired social news site Digg with all its lock, stock and barrel for $500,000 only. Started in 2004, Digg once used to be one of the best sites for news and visitors from all over the world used to visit it.

Betaworks plans to get Digg mixed with a new start up News.me. News.me started last year and sends its users a newsletter covering all the content shared by their friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

Twitter and Facebook were the ones who blew the hardest blows at Digg. In 2008, Digg got 30 million visitors and during those times, it was a 2 digit million dollar company. It was estimated to be valued at $150 million and according to some rumors, Google also once had a mind to buy Digg for $20 million. And now…..!

One of my friends at TC summed all this story with a crispy lesson, ‘ When you are hot, play your hand. Waiting too long and the fine wine spoils quickly’.

A reference about Betaworks from au.ibtimes about Betaworks goes like this:

‘Betaworks is a company that is invested in technology services. Betaworks is also the brain behind Bit.ly, the link-shortening service, and News.me, an iPad-based news aggregator developed in together with The New York Times Company. Betaworks plans to develop a new unit which would combine the Digg assets and News.me and it also has plans to create a new version of Digg that would go hand in hand with News.me’s iPhone/iPad applications. John Borthwick, the founder of Betaworks would also act as the chief executive for Digg’.

Would this be a new start for Diggs or ……. ????

Nexus 7, Kindle Fire and Surface Challenging Apple — Would iPad Mini Be A Success…?


There are few technologies that just take a decade to saturate across all four winds. Smartphones have already done that and are now run almost parallel to total number of population across the world. The next generation’s gadget for getting penetration through the breadth and corner of the world would, undoubtedly, be ‘tablets’; commonly referred as tabs.

While keeping the business potentials of tablets in their minds, tech manufacturers are readily tugging at their sleeves. Microsoft, Google and Amazon have also now started offering competition to Apple; Apple, by its iPad, enjoys 60% market cap in tab industry.

Google’s Nexus 7, Microsoft’s Surface and Amazon’s Kindle Fire are currently getting ready to have Apple’s iPad toppled to the ground. On Friday, Google started shipping its Nexus 7 which is quite hot cake for consumers as it’s rather more inexpensive. Microsoft is making its Surface tablet to join in the heat. Amazon’s Kindle fire is a direct combatant against Apple’s iPad as it has larger screen.

A Die Hard Combat for Apple?

What would be Apple’s moves regarding all this brawling and beats? Apple isn’t going to bow down and cede to competitors so easily. Consumers do feel being attracted towards others as iPad is quite an expensive device as compared to its competitors.

Well, this is the problem and Apple is working hard to sort that out this very year. Currently Apple’s 9.7 inch iPad costs $500 but ‘anonymous’ Apple engineers have revealed that Apple’s new iPad would be significantly inexpensive and would have smaller display screen as well, i-e, 7.85 inch. Though Apple’s spokespersons have refused commenting over it yet this ipad is now widely being referred as ‘iPad mini’.

Recent Survey Predicting Apple’s iPad a big flop:

Analysts are forecasting 6 million sales of iPad mini this holiday season. But, a recent consumer survey offers totally different picture and predicts it as ‘Biggest Flop Ever’.

According to survey conducted by vouchercodepro.co.uk, 1012 UK’s tech fans were asked to share their thoughts over ‘ipad mini’. According to report, 42% of respondents said iPad to be Apple’s biggest mistake. Only 6% viewed it as a good move. 54% of participants showed their preference for Google’s Nexus 7 which comes only at $199.

Well, I personally don’t get impressed with such surveys as the results are based on strictly narrow sample out of a population. To me, Apple’s iPad mini would help it leveraging textbook business strategy. Smaller screen would obviously find traction among users who want different sizes of tablets in iPad family.

What do you think about iPad Mini? Would it be able to catch limelight?

Game is Changing, Get Ready – BlackBerry Maker RIM Spends US $100 Million To Grow Developers Community


What’s the future of BlackBerry maker RIM; dead, alive or reborn? These days, there is much hue and cry over this question and among all this fuss, RIM once again takes the floor and announces that it would invest $100 million in growing BlackBerry’s developers’ community. Few days ago, RIM had already announced that its BlackBerry 10 would not get decked in market shelves any sooner before 1st quarter of 2013.

This large number of writings, news and analysis are acute evidence to the high stature that once RIM used to possess. After lapse of these couple of years, just same as millions of other former berry-carriers, I myself still cherish pleasant memories for RIM.

Now that RIM announces $100 million for Blackberry’s developers’ community, we can’t help but wonder if it’s too late to mend now or RIM can still rise from ashes like mythical phoenix. At BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour, RIM offers various lucrative and attractive packages for those who would develop for BlackBerry 10 OS. RIM offers valuable connections, one-on-one expert guidance huge amount of money if they successfully develop apps for their portal.

Now there are various speculations about how these developers’ growth programs might work. One attraction might be as developer would get $10,000 for developing a paid app which earns $1,000 in its first year.

95% market share erosion and horrendous financial losses have put RIM in its lowest ebbs and thus, developers aren’t ready to trust RIM so easily. One of these grim, gloomy and grotesque pictures portray that

‘BlackBerry is about to become extinct species, forsaken by 41% of mobile application development companies, where 14% of them were using it as their core services.’

How much RIM’s generous invitation impresses you, share with us.

Do You Want 10-15% More Sales From Same Traffic || Then Avoid These Terrible Mistakes While Making an E-commerce Design

For last couple of weeks, we have been frequently contacted by various cart owners who say that they got an ecommerce site built and they have consumed much sweat of their brows into it, yet they aren’t getting any liquid return out of it. They even paled that despite having some genuine traffic, they weren’t able to convert it into customers.

While reviewing and redesigning their sites, I found tons of mistakes which were keeping prospects from making purchases. It would be worthwhile for many of my friends around to realize some of major mistakes which can actually be fixed with just little planning.

Little Product Information:

In traditional brick and mortar stores, customers can have a full view of the product. They can have the products close to their eyes and tight in their hands. All details regarding the product such as price, packaging, label, guarantees and testimonials are readily available for them so that they could fully satisfy their heart and mind before they roll money out of their pockets.
It’s daily experience for people like us that we hardly come across highly visual and textual detail description of the product. And if by any means, we happen to find some information that would be presented terribly enough to make customers take their heels.

Fix it now:           Make sure that you provide your customers with all that information which is necessary for them to make a purchase. Add all different aspects related to product and visual information highlighting necessary angles of the product.

Little or No Contact Information:

Customers don’t ever rise to any sales pitches which are coming from suspicious or dead alley. They want to know whom they are going to make a purchase from and where it is located and likewise, what are further details about the seller etc.
In most of sites that I reviewed, I observed that there was little or no information about the sellers. Just put yourself in consumers’ boots for a while and tell me would you make me a sale if you don’t know anything whatsoever about me. Would you?

Fix it now:           Bring your contact details where ever your customers want to have it. The header, top side bars or footer of your website are places where customers are likely to glance over for your contact info. So have it here before you lose any other customer.

Ambiguous/Irritating/Complex Checkout Process:

Frankly speaking, checkout is the most important part while getting into conversion rate of any cart site. Most of the sites don’t even bother providing with Guest checkout options while others have made it either too complex or have made it extra smart. Customers don’t feel easy to get along with such practices and prefer flying away.

Since this is most important part, let’s dive deeper into checkout process. Following are top optimization problems found in checkout process.

1-            Insecure Checkout: When visitors start feeling that their information isn’t getting proper care, they ultimately suffer from various suspicions and fears. At checkout, a balanced and mature mechanism implies fool-proof treatment of users’ information and helps nipping trust deficits.

2-            Not allowing Guest Users Checkout: As discussed earlier, allowing guest checkout shows benevolence towards consumers and likewise not allowing it shows prudence on behalf of sellers.

3-            Displaying website navigation during checkout: Checkout pages would be as navigation free as possible as it would curb any possible distractions. On the other hand, if navigation is fully functional as on other pages, users would be tempted to have ‘to and fro’ movements, thus being vulnerable to run down.

4-            Losing Customers’ inputs while any submission errors: Nothing could be more horrendous for both customers and sellers when any input gets down the drains. Users won’t ever like to fill the whole lot of info again and thus a potential conversion would ultimately be lost.

5-            Design layout causing sore-eyed flow: Exuberant, over flowing and rampant designs are cool but not cool enough to get users glued at checkout process. Make checkout process beautiful but not ‘hot’.

6-            Perplexing action buttons with same colors and acute proximity: Frankly speaking, so much buttons calling for action and that too at critical proximity are very offending. Not only make your action eye soothing, but also bring nice descriptions for them.

7-            Not providing point to point shopping progress: Obviously buying process carries specific number of phases and customers should know how far they’ve moved in that process or how many steps are left behind.  So, show your customers at which buying stage they’re now.

8-            Forcing unnecessary information out: Get only what’s strictly necessary and not any extra or irrelevant information in any case. Be precise!

9-            Cross selling and up selling during check out process: Though in brick and mortar stores customers cross selling and up selling. It’s quite natural for that mode as customers’ buying power and buying behavior could physically be gauged therein. But, on online shopping carts, it’s quite risky. I’d suggest make one sale at one time.

I am sure that getting these mistakes would be a great makeover for your existing carts. Now, see the infographic below for full understanding.

Apple Unbeatable With $ 560B Market Cap — iPhone Makes Apple the World’s Most Valuable Company

As of July  2012, Apple has reached yet another milestone of having $599 per share which means that its total market capitalization gets to $ 560 B. Below is picture taken from Google Finance today.

As far as I can look back into past, Apple was never that much highly applauded tech celebrity around the world. Untill 2006, people only knew about Apple and its service and as soon as iPhone broke into the world, Apple has risen like any mythical phoenix.

So, lets dig into Apple mania.

  • Apple has sold 218 million iPhones uptill now which in return have generated a stream of revenue which MSFT’s whole range of services collectively cannot compete with.
  • iPhone produced $22.69b in last quarter which comprises 58% of the total revenue of the company.
  • Apple’s total revenue generated from Oct 94 to Sep 06, was just $139b, whereas iPhone’s total revenue generated in last 5 years is $143b.

Though users feel quite elated while using touch screen interface and watching highly visual icons yet iPhone apps have given iPhone the life that once Apple could only dream of. iPhone app development have brought millions of apps in App store and users use them all the time for making their experience more pleasant.

iPhone’s biggest competitors are Google and Samsung. Google’s open source Android OS and Samsung’s Galaxy line aren’t leaving the ground empty any more. What comes next, I leave it for you to think.

Let’s watch Apple’s Success story below:

How do you feel about Apple and its iPhones?

Magento eCommerce Solutions | Magento SEO Can Put A Jam Pack Rush Over Your Site


Though e-commerce enjoys lion’s share in any of the world business’s RIO yet for many of beginners, this picture hasn’ been coupled with fruitful results. Truly speaking, main reasons for that can’t wholly be attributed to e-commerce bottle necks; they are rather related to SEO of their sites.

There are many a brilliant e-commerce platforms such as magento, prestashop, osCommerce etc and all have their particular “yes & no’s”. Since, magento ecommerce is one of top adoptions in ecommerce solutions, so talking about Magento SEO would be of great help to thousands of our friends out here.

Magento & Some Basic Technical SEO:

Magento is undoubtedly extremely SEO friendly as it has quite large number of SEO plugins. After you’ve enabled server URL rewrites, you should move on to header settings.

Replace Default Title:

Your Magento, by default, carries the title of ‘Magento Commerce’ and for having traffic driven to your ecommerce site, replace it by some descriptive title. Do some research in your particular business niche and get words which are more likely to get higher rankings.

Search Engines also follow human like complex intelligence system.  So bear in mind that:

  • Proximity matters most. Your best content words should be closer enough to the title so that these words are readily visible for search engines.
  • Besides, getting these words to front lines would allure readers to dive deeper into your page.

In order to change your title; ‘Magento Commerce’, move to Configuration — > Design — > HTML Head and put some other title. This would serve as title for not only your main page but for other non-content pages which do not have any custom titles such as ‘Contact Us’ etc, too

Adding your store name to all pages titles is also crucial. So, in ‘Title Suffix’ it’s advised to put store name. As told earlier, proximity of keywords is critical, keep the ‘prefix’ empty. Likewise, ‘Index, Follow’ must be set in for all production environment.

In <head> section of your code, adding canonical tag; tag which tells search engines which URL it should have for that particular page, is sometimes helpful.

CMS in Magento:

Though Content Management System; widely known as CMS  in Magento isn’t fully mature up till now, yet it allows most handsome usability and flexibility. After decent and workable content has been written in CMS pages, get SEF URL Identifier and then move to Meta Data tab to fill description for each CMS page that needs to be ranked with.

As in headers, you left title prefix blank, it’s better to keep ‘Keywords’ empty as well. Since description states what information page carries with, it’s important to keep description users’ centric so that they are encouraged to click through.

Using auto generated meta description is quite careless adoption since by then, it’s left at the behest of search engines. Thus, well thought of and hand written description would serve your business well.

Category Optimization in Magento:

Though Magento allows you to append categories’ names with product URL’s path, yet it doesn’t provides with handsome support with this feature. Disabling this feature could be handy as it nips down ‘duplicate content issues’.

Go to Configuration — > Catalog — > Search Engine Optimization and set here ‘ Use categories path for URLs to ‘NO’.

Likewise, setting the details of each category is also crucial to Magento optimization. Go to System — > Catalog — > Manage Categories. Some of important fields here are described below:

  • Meta Description:    While on search engine listings, descriptions written here would be first visible to users. So put user driven descriptions here.
  • URL Key:                  Keeping URL Key should be kept pithy; short and keyword enriched, is rather more important. Removing stop non content words such as ‘the, and, for etc.’ is advisable.
  • Page Title:                Page Title should be left empty so that category name including parent categories be used therein. The title will be same as input with parent category, when customized.

Product Optimization in Magento:

Relax! Product optimization is quite same as categories optimization in Magento.

For each store view, set the Meta information for both ‘Default Values’ and each ‘Store View’. It must be kept in mind that this ‘Meta Title’ would overwrite whole page title and just title prefix/suffix and product name would be left.

I am afraid, while dealing with Magento SEO, image aspect is often neglected. But, frankly speaking, writing nice alt tags for images and properly naming image files would give you some attractive traffic from various image search engines. Besides, this would allow your lesser literate readers to know what otherwise would have gone down the drains for them.

Need Your Website Reviewed?

If your e-commerce does not turn  up to your expectations, perhaps you should consider your site reviewed. We can review your site and the results found would carry full report of improvements for your site; SEO, Usability, Site Speed & all that jazz inclusive. You can contact us by giving a click here.

RIM Dicing Against Death – BlackBerry 10 Delayed, Jobs Cut Down, Dipping Revenue


‘It’s never too late to mend’ but for RIM, perhaps maxims don’t hold any water anymore. Ever since iPhone became a consumer smartphone, we’ve been watching RIM dicing against its death but I am afraid that no efforts, up to this moment, have produced any breakthrough for RIM.

Now, news about RIMs funeral don’t caste any wonder and we’re getting shodden for that as well. So what’s gushing out from Canadian company which is at its lowest ebbs,

                ‘RIM (Research In Motion Limited) said that it would hold its Blackberry 10 in bags until 2013, axe 5000 jobs and has also confirmed its dwindling finances with more than 5 times greater than expected revenue fall.’

RIM’s Blackberry 10; which supposedly carries some stunning features, was the last card which could save RIM. What wonders RIM is making in the back of its head but investors and consumers are not accepting this all as any intelligent move. It’s quite obvious not selling BlackBerry 10 till 2013 means there would be no holiday sales as well and eventually company must cut down its expenses. So, more and more jobs would be cut down.

There’re million reasons that may lead someone to failure and at times even the most passionate efforts are also put in bad books. So today, RIM’s decision for making phones only for corporate consumers looks quite myopic and unintelligent. In contrast, Apple made its iPhone and put it all for masses and today more than 40% of Apple’s revenue comes from iPhone sales.

As in modern businesses, miracles and luck are no more accredited for success, so RIM does need some brilliant move to keep heads off the water. RIM should try to stay as an exceptional hardware company and corroborate this fact by baking others’ softwares over its devices.

Every cloud has a silver lining:

People want to have new OS on Blackberry and there are only 2 choices for the company. Android and Windows, former is a juggernaut of OS while latter is also striving to mark established identity. So, using Windows operating system on new BlackBerry would help RIM in making ends meet.

Besides, mobile application developers also would wind back as they would make apps in windows os. Today smart phone consumers either go for iPhone or Android phones. iPhone application development and android application development would also get some tough times if Blackberry offers developers a lucrative portal for mobile application development.

Google’s Nexus Q – An Android Computer Designed To Live In Our Homes


Google’s I/O Conference 2012 has ended last week but the news rolled out during the stage maniac aren’t going to leave us at least for the next couple of months. Google has both been disparaged and praised for its new line of products but one thing is above board that Google now wishes not only to act as a universal gateway to world’s information but also is passionate to integrate deeper into human needs by fulfilling masses’ social needs.

After kicking off with Google+, Google has now come up with Nexus Q; a social streaming device that aims at making our lives more digital and more exciting. As of it its physical appearance, it’s a ball shaped sphere connected to Cloud for playing YouTube and Google Play. Often posed as ‘ball of awesomeness’ by several Google’s employees, what does Nexus Q bring with for the price tag of $299.

This ball is Android empowered accessory and any Android phone or tablet can control it via Bluetooth. While using you phones as remotes, Nexus Q can be connected to any Wi-Fi network, and thus, any videos and music can be played. The device corroborates only with Google-owned services; Google Play, Music, YouTube and Google TV as well.

Google’s execs have lately observed that listening to music is becoming an isolated experience and it’s time to make it social again. So, in efforts to make listening music social experience again, Nexus Q allows your friends and acquaintances to help you making an interesting music playlist.

The Nexus Q runs on its own OMAP4460 (dual ARM Cortex-A9 CPUs and SGX540 GPU), Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and features:

  • 16GB NAND flash memory
  • Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • and more!

Following chart compares devices that all are competing for living room social possession.

Though at this time, Nexus Q looks quite weird and expensive device, but it would be too early to fly off too quickly from it. Android application development has already put Android phones to brighter realms of user experience, it can be hoped that soon other android apps would also pop up in industry to make balling experience more rejuvenating and exciting.