In 2012, Google+ Is A Ghost Town — Yet It Would Manage To Survive Till 2050


Google, on its annual developers’ conference held in San Francisco, not only kept rolling out its new line of products and services, but also took considerable time for surfacing some key stats related to Google+ and android adoption. Google says that its android adoption has considerably increased from 100 million to 400 million within a year which means 1 million devices are activated each day. Likewise, number of active users has also risen up from 150 million to 250 million in the same time span.

As far as android adoption is concerned, these stats aren’t any surprise for most of us. But for Google+, I must add, things aren’t going much smoother. Right from its inception, Google+ was welcomed all around unanimously as a killer to Facebook. On this very day, one year ago, while launching Google+, company said:

                ‘Online sharing is currently a nettlesome experience and we are here to make it pleasing through making fixes’

 And now at this day, it’s Google+ that itself needs fixes. Surely, Facebook was criticized underhand and it was implied that Google+ would outgun Facebook in no time.

It ain’t agony column and the whole writing doesn’t mean to deny the potentials and whole lot of features of Google+. It’s just an attempt to show how Google+ failed to derive fruits from angry Facebook boys.

At the time when Google+ was being set up, Facebook had 700 million active users and now it has more than 945 million users. It means that despite reaching at the verge of saturation, Facebook still outrun Google+ on the basis of new signups and likewise Google+ failed to drive the whole masses to its nest despite comprehensive integrations with most of Google’s services.

Likewise, the paddling through Google+ reveals stark inactivity around. Despite some most interesting and engaging features offered by Google+, most of the profiles still present pictures of lost streets of villages where people have forgotten to peddle again. Comscore released a report showing a comparison between users’ active sessions on Google+ and Facebook. According to report, users spent 3.3 minutes on average on Google+ as compared to 7 minutes on Facebook. Besides, according to latest reports issued by RJ Metrics, active users took 12 days for each post and moreover, 30% never returned again.

Google+ wasn’t meant to be for all that failing insights. People had strewn cordial petals for it and though that it would offer them clean full stop from Facebook. But Google had been high brow at that time and consumed so much time to offer brands business profiles. Likewise, news organizations weren’t readily allowed to use its potentials readily and accordingly. As a result, just 4 months after its launch, it started suffering user drain substantially.

As a result of these decisions, both marketers and news agencies became skeptical about Google+ and when they were offered toiling, it had become too late. Most of the people think that Google+ is quite boring and doesn’t fit to their moods.

Being an E-Business Consultant, I feel that Google+ has still unexplored potentials not only in regards to marketing and generating target leads but for domestic life chores as well. Number of tech professionals on Google+ is quite encouraging and perhaps they’re most active users as FaceBooks acute street culture doesn’t fit to their ideas and thoughts.

If you’re a business person and are either looking to hire a programmer or hire a developer, Google+ offers quite adequate resources for that. Likewise, for any business, there are great groups specifically doing business activities. On the other hand, even the most vibrant of the business pages are just social pages and are inherently bound to just socialize thereon.

The Future of Google+

                           The close integration with basic services like Gmail and Google  Apps for Business is a big come-on to individuals and organizations wanting a seamless way of communicating, collaborating and getting social with online friends.

Though Google+ would keep on undergoing users’ non-advertence, yet it won’t roll back. Why? Share your thoughts with us!


Android 4.1 Jelly Bean — Every Thing That You Need To Know


1st half of the month was primarily surrounded by Apple Mania and each day we had something new about Apple’s line of products and services. And now in the 2nd half, it’s Google taking the whole camera line in front. Google’s annual developers’ conference is getting into climax steadily but still we have got some great news from Google team. One of those exciting news is Google’s latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Google’s Jelly Bean is its latest mobile operating system and undoubtedly has undergone plenty of upgrades which can potentially endanger Apple’s iOS 6 as well. Anyhow, in an attempt to avoid any of Google vs Apple debate, let’s dive deeper into Google’s Jelly Bean.

Google Now:

Google Now is a feature that we were looking for passionately. As a matter of fact, ever since Apple rolled out its Siri, Google’s refuge was only in creating its strong counterpart.

Google Now is a smart service which observes all of users’ activities quite intelligently and based on these observations, it automatically starts forming whole day schedules and routines for users. While swiping home screen, users will see various listed cards where each highlights some particular event of your day.

For Example, as in the photo on the side, Google Now can use your location and dig out what the traffic flux is around and ultimately, using that information, can trace out an estimate for how long it will take you get to your office/home. Meanwhile, it would also vie for some shorter alternate route. And if you use public transport, Google Now would still help you out by finding buses and trains near you, and showing you when next bus/train would leave.

This Google Now provides effortless user experience and gathers whole lot of user based information automatically. Apple’s Siri is now on back foot as Google Now provides even command free environment.

Google Keyboard:

Despite the fact that smartphones are getting smarter and for commands, tapping buttons is getting into back waters. Evidently, voice enabled commanding offers nice experience but recently RIM brought out handsome predictive keyboard which knows what’s to be typed next based on context. Google follows the suit and offers something quite same as RIM’s predictive keyboard.

Jelly Bean’s keyboard, after seeing users’ first two or three typed words, makes commendable guesses and pops suitable word options. Besides, Voice enabled text service is also improved tons of times. Voice transcription SW is just baked into the OS and now users don’t need to look for the service anymore.

Android Beam:

Google’s Android beam is one of those features which aren’t fully matured yet. It’s quite some time now that Android Beam has been blooded into the phones but it was ending up quite terribly same as Samsung’s NFC S Beam.

Google has brought into some new features to its Android Beam so that it could provide users with smooth and friendly NFC environment. Android Beam would let users to share photos and videos just by simply tapping their phones to other NFC enabled Android Beam phones. Likewise, any other NFC enabled Bluetooth devices such as speakers and headsets can also be paired by simply tapping the phone against devices.


Jelly Bean’s camera app is quite interesting in some ways. It allows users to view pictures taken recently and likewise user can swipe the whole lot of pictures gallery in a go and do modifications accordingly.

The whole gallery could easily be shrunk into film strip and thus allows users to view desired picture quickly. Undo feature is also enabled which allows to recover the photos deleted mistakenly or due to finger spasm or some other unintentional steps.


Google is unbeatable when it comes to notifications feature and even the best of other Oss fail to compete with the efficiency and ease of use offered by Google. Jelly Bean only takes this ease of use to next better levels.

Actions can now directly be performed in drop down menu of notifications. For instance, if you’ve missed a call, you can directly respond to that call by either messaging or calling back directly from notifications widget. Thus, jumping to and fro to other screens has been made unnecessary.

Frankly speaking, the best of the features is to expand app fully from notification bar and all available actions are showed up quite comprehensively.  

Future of mobile application development after Android Jelly Bean:

It would be quite injustice to say that there is nothing worth noticing in Google’s new Jelly Bean. Frankly speaking, Jelly Bean is the best Android version released up till now. Though features incorporated in it aren’t whole new from the thin air and they’ve now existed for quite some time on other mobile OS yet the level reached with new Jelly Bean is remarkable.

Mobile application development is reaching new heights of excitement and thrill. App developers are often now found scratching their heads in confusion whether to stick with which of the platform. iPhone app development and Android application development are two of the most prolific and exciting app development portals. Well, with MSFT’s Windows 8 tablet, windows mobile application would surely be revived.

So, ordeal of mobile application development is only getting more and more vibrant. What comes out of all this fuss? Let’s all see together!

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Long Held COO To Join Board Of Directors – Some Career Lessons From Sheryl’s Professional Profile

Facebook had long been criticized for not having any of the females in its board of directors. Well, Facebook has finally decided to do away at least with this stigma. According to news reports, On Monday, Facebook’s dream girl; Sheryl Sandberg has been finally ascended to its Board of Directors.

                ‘Sheryl Sandberg has been working as Chief Operating Officer since 2008 and handled all the chores related to sales, marketing, business development, human resources, public policy and communications. During her tenure, Facebook rose up from US $ 150 million to US 104 billion IPO valuation. At 43, she has grown rather more prolific and has become billion dollar brain in the Silicon Valley and it isn’t over yet’.

Earlier Facebook’s bench of directors was quite same as any men’s club but with Sandberg it would get more effective. Existing board members are:

  • Mark Zuckerberg; Founder and CEO
  • Marc L. Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz
  • Erskine B. Bowles, President Emeritus, University of North Carolina system
  • James W. Breyer, Accel Partners
  • Donald E. Graham, Chairman and CEO, The Washington Post Company
  • Reed Hastings, Chairman and CEO, Netflix
  • Peter A. Thiel, Founders Fund

Facebook’s public mate, Mark Zuckerberg, in a press statement said, ‘Sheryl has been my partner in running Facebook and has been central to our growth and success over the years’. He added, ‘Her understanding of our mission and long-term opportunity, and her experience both at Facebook and on public company boards makes her a natural fit for our board’.

Key Motivational Lessons From Sheryl’s Career:

Undoubtedly, Sheryl is one of the world’s only self-made tens of billions dollars worth lady. It’s been reported that she got paid $30.87 million last year, thus became the most highly compensated employee of the company in 2011. Apart from that, with her 27 million shares, 25 million restricted stock units vested included and above 14 million unvested units excluded, she will have $1.6 billion paper fortune by the end of 2012.

There are some career insights that Sheryl has often shared at her public speeches and interviews. So it’d be million dollar experience to read them as well, particularly for ladies.

1-      Do work with weird but brilliant person:

This is the most inspiring and motivational lesson derived from Sheryl’s career profile. She, quite confidently, says that don’t ever be afraid of working with weird people provided that they are brilliant and visionary.

Not everyone likes to work with Mark Zuckerberg. He’s got quite flaky taste, never suitable for corporate identities. He can slit throats of big animals, can cut a deal to acquire other businesses at inflated rates even without consulting his other members of the board and can even wear hoodie while meeting with his investors. He’s weird.

But Sheryl left the then world’s top firm Google and decided to stand for Facebook. Zuckerberg-Sandberg tag team has been so successful that they increased their revenues from $150 million to $4 billion in just 3 years.

2-      Don’t be afraid to leave at 5.30 from work

If you are confident that you are doing great job, don’t be afraid to sign off at 5.30 from your office. Earlier at Google, she did it regularly and now at Facebook too, she is doing same. Being a mother since 2005, it was only last year when she made her exit time publicly known.

Sheryl says that her leaving work at not dead late time would encourage other male and female workers to be confident enough to follow her suit.

3-      Achievement Gap and Ambition Gap:

Sheryl is of the view that mediocrity spurs only from ambition gap. She says that people, especially women must really lean deeper into their careers and stay determined to hold on work force. Achievements don’t come by miracles; only high ambitions drive you the way to achievements.

4-      Don’t ever leave your job before you leave:

Common work force never really gets its head into the work as it always feels leaving the job at some suitable time. This never allows employees to work passionately. In case of ladies, they never tend to work with the sweat of their brows as they keep themselves assured that some day they would drop of their career at the behest of their family life.

Sheryl says not to leave job even a single day before you leave it practically. Keep determined and dedicated to your job as long as you are on the floor.

Red Signal is a premier web development company and here we have +100 professional web designers, web application developers. We are always keen to share you the insights which would not only help you in building sound grounds for your business but would also help you in earning aspiring and stimulating corporate identity.

Business Facts 0f 2012 — Customers Are Ignoring The Businesses That Ignore Their Moods & Ideals

As we have entered an age where customers are undoubtedly the ‘boss’ of every business, it has become imperative to conduct extensive research on customer behavior. Being premier E-Business consultants, we take pride in helping our business clients in devising customer driven marketing strategies and ultimately in increasing ROI substantially.

Under the same gesture, we have done extensive data research and are able to present you with key marketing facts. Knowing and fully understanding these facts wouldn’t only provide you with insights in your consumer industry but would also help you in exploring subsequent niches to reach prospects efficiently. So, let’s get into the core subject.

Product Research has gained unprecedented importance while doing Online shopping:


50% of the total time spent on online shopping is primarily expended in pre-sales product research. While doing product research, prospects analyze the whole range of service providers/manufacturers and try to understand their different marketing mixes. Likewise they tend to know the post sales reviews mainly focusing on the quality of the products/services and customer services operations.

Search Engines are generally the starting points for product research:

While running errands for product research, especially for branded products, customers first kick off with search engines. 44% of online shoppers start that way. So, keeping the high rankings for keywords is potentially most handsome approach to get potential leads and easy customers.

Inbound Marketing is getting into athletic boots  and 90% of businesses are diverting their outbound marketing budget to inbound marketing tactics:

The former dominant customer reach tactic; outbound marketing is dipping dramatically and 90% of businesses are now determined to focus heavily on devising inbound marketing strategies. Rather than doing seminars, trade shows, internet cold calling, outsourced telemarketing and ‘interruption advertising’, businesses are now realizing that customers are blocking them hard. So, inbound marketing is the next generation plan where quality customers would be pegged through search engines, social media and blogosphere.

Average budget spent on company blogs and social media pages has tripled over last 3 years:

First of all, lets see how businesses have generated customers through company blogs and social media.

Since, customers are getting tougher and now they response quite aggressively to old fashioned interruption advertisings, businesses are likely to spend more efforts in building their socio-business view adequately. In order to know about business visions and market reach, public tends to reach company blogs and social media fan pages. Ultimately, budget spent on company blogs and social pages have increased 3 times over last 3 years.

You should do it ASAP:

Let’s review some important content words of the article. Product research, search engines, inbound marketing, company blogs and social media pages are words of driving importance in modern business plans. So, following are some of the lines which must help you in devising your marketing tactics, regardless of the business type you are engaged in.

1-      Make your website search engine optimized so that customers may find you while searching on search engines. Not optimizing for search engines means that 44% of your product consumers would buy from other sellers without even knowing about you.

2-      Make your website your business office; a place that fully touts your business expertise. From design to content, each and every speck of it would cast pleasant impressions upon your visitors.

3-      Use social media fan pages/business pages for both reaching other birds of flock and increasing market penetration. The more the users on your fan pages, the more the quality leads and conversions!

4-      You cannot fully revise your whole content on your website. Can you? In order to make it updated, use your company blogs efficiently. This will increase your website traffic, help you in optimizing in accordance to search engines and eventually create buzz for your business.

About Red Signal:

Red Signal does everything that makes your business successful. With 100+ professional e-business consultants and marketing strategist and, web designers & programmers, we are helping our thousands of Global clients across USA, UK, Australia, Germany and Canada etc.

Our services in most demand are: website designing, web applications development, mobile application development, e-commerce solutions, graphic designing and internet marketing solutions.

Google I/O 2012 — Why Can Google Roll Out It’s Nexus 7 Tablet?


Google’s I/O 2012 is just 2 days away from us and on 27th June, we would finally see what social, web and mobile breakthroughs Google’s developers are going to turn into tomorrow’s businesses. So, in all that Google’s Annual developers’ conference, some people are kicking against last year’s promises such as Google’s Android @ Home or Google Android Driven Bulbs which never came into life.

Nevertheless, we’re going to talk over the ‘big thing’ of the 3 days conference at Moscone Center, San Francisco. It’s quite some time now since Android broke into the surface and frankly speaking, it’s for the 1st time that we are expecting some official news about Google’s Android device. You like that. Don’t you? So let’s find various shreds of logical grounds for the news.

Google & Asus on Nexus Tablet:

There are some great possibilities that Google may announce some solid news about Nexus tablet and perhaps no wonder if some of you may come out with genuine units in your hands as well. Nexus is being aired as Nexus 7 around the tech circles as it supposedly has 7 inch display screen. First news about such a devices got conception when Eric Shmidt breathed about it 6 months ago. Later in February, Android top Andy Rubin told that Google has hell of labors to do with tablet’s front.

Though the exact specs of the device are kept pretty unclear but we can still gear up our ideas about that. According to overwhelming rumors,

‘Nexus 7 would have quad-core CPU and would be priced in between $ 150-$200. Getting more specific, the processor would be of 1.3GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad-Core processor along with Nvidia’s ULP GeGorce CPU. Besides, it would be Wi-Fi enabled with a front camera on 7 inches wide screen. Google Chrome would be preloaded’.

If Google brings out its tablet, would it meet royal success? And more interestingly, why would Google consume much effort on bringing its own Android Tablet?

Google has already gained much hold of mobile application development, yet there is much agreement among tech drivers that tablets would surely be the next generation devices. Currently Apple drives lion’s share of tablets market with its iPad. Though there are trains of other tablets on the road yet they are falling badly off. iPad app development is also proving much lucrative for developers. So, in order to earn future royal tech championship, Google must enter each area that offers potentials.

Samsung Galaxy SIII’s Short Review — It’s The Best Smartphone That You Should Purchase. Full Stop!


As soon as Samsung Galaxy SII showed up in stores shelves, it gained dramatically huge hit; even beyond these words. And now Samsung Galaxy SIII is going to skip our beats. If you ask me for one word about Galaxy SIII, it would be ‘absobloodylutelyfantabolous’.

Being a web and mobile application development company, RED SIGNAL often provides product insights for our clients and general readers. Many among you would be found scratching your heads in confusions while deciding which smartphone best serves your personality. So this review is for you fellows!

Samsung Galaxy SIII is quite rightly the best phone available in market right now. It comes with many features enough to elate your phone experience. It really does not necessarily mean that it bears no cons; they’re always there with every product in the world.

It’s software features and lush display with smart specs are fully admirable where as it’s physical beauty isn’t up to the mark due to its crumby plastic case. So let’s glance through its ‘goods’ first and ‘bads’ later on.


  • 4.8 inch, 720 x 1280 Super AMOLED display – Surely the largest display screen size among mobile phones
  • Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich – Latest Android OS
  • Samsung’s TouchWiz Overlay –Totally re-tooled for more interactive and smoothly navigable user experience
  • S-Beam, NFC and Wi-Fi Direct – Most powerful feature for transferring files from one phone to the other. Give me a break
  • 2GB RAM – Highest in memory strand
  • 8MP rear camera and 1.9 MP front camera
  • 4G LTE/HSPA+ Network
  • Manufacturer suggested retail price : $ 199 for 16GB on-contract, $249 for 32GB on-contract

For better decision making, let’s look at following comparison table among iPhone 4S, Galaxy SIII and HTC One X:

You Speak Persian, I Won’t Sell You iPads or iPhones — Apple Wages A New Racist War?

You’re Persian speaking and you can’t have hands on Apple’s iPhone or iPad in USA. Looks quite strange! But this is how Sarah Sabet; A US citizen with Iranian origin had been allegedly refused by Apple’s Store on Thursday.

According to news on WSB-TV, Sarah Sabet who is 19 years old student at Georgia University went to one of Apple’s stores with her friends and tried buying iPad. On overhearing them speaking Persian, employees at the store refused them selling iPad arguing that she would send it to Iran where it could be used for terror-striking activities.

Sarah called it quite discriminating and hurtful and said that she had to come out with regrettful tears in her eyes. On the other hand, Apple’s employees argued that they are simply following US foreign policy. Manager showed the news reporters Apple’s policy indicating Apple’s products being sold to Iran is strictly prohibited.

An official from US State Department commented that US citizen’s entering Iran with laptops or satellite phones without US government’s consent is strictly illegal as US hold complete embargoes against Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

It’s 2012 and not 1914. US law prohibits selling services or products to banned countries but not from selling to US citizens. Apple is a leading global company and it’s quite bad for its image. Customers should not be refused on grounds of their ethnicity, religion, race or origin.

Apple has worldwide client base and hell of other businesses are directly or indirectly affected by such sloppy customer experiences. Let’s see what comes out as Apple’s official stance.

57% Of Mobile App Developers Are Now interested In Windows Mobile App Development

Though Windows Phone 8 hasn’t been a ground breaking success right now, yet it’s hoped that it would succeeded in reviving the windows mobile app development. And interestingly, surveys are also showing much excitement among mobile app developers. According to a research conducted by visionmobile, windows phone platform is surely enticing app developers to engage in.

According to the report, ‘57% of the mobile app developers gave vent to their interest in windows phone platform.’ It’s worthwhile to note that the sample size in the survey is quite smaller to represent the whole population’s priorities. Moreover, these are just plans and aren’t going to be realized overnight.

Surveyors have commented on their findings as ‘though new Windows phone is a ‘cool phone’ but to create a developers hive as big as of Apple and Android, dramatic actual adoption is needed at one, or all this go in vain when the balloon goes up’.

But, there are some genuine indicators as well to testify the credibility of the report. One thing is for surely true about Windows app development and that is its ease of coding and prototyping, relatively low cost development and simpler learning interface.

Moreover, new Kernel allows developers to develop apps for both desktop and mobiles simultaneously; it means that all .Net programmers are potentially windows mobile app developers as well.

As far as other developers are concerned, 28 % plan to labor in iPhone app development and 25% are interested in android app development. The graph below tells the whole story with the source.


Best Social Networking Sites For Businesses — You Can’t Wear The Same Dress On Each Place


Our clients in different parts of the world, in particular and, all the businesses in general,  often ask whether their ideal market rests on Facebook or its on Google+, and on Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Undoubtedly, all of these social networks offer gigantic user base, at least quite enough to create brand advocacy across the internet. But when it comes to conversions, studying population type becomes rather more driving factor behind launching marketing campaigns.

There are some of widely known facts about particular social platforms. I am afraid, businesses don’t realize their importance and are later found complaining the futility of their time and resources. So, I am categorizing some of important SNS according to their dominant utilities so that you may work well in gaining sound grounds.


  • Facebook has over 900 million active users and most of them use FB for connecting with friends and families. Users therein behave quite same as sitting in their drawing rooms or friends gathering at college cafeteria. So, any implied sales pitch would readily be discarded.

So, keeping this in mind, Facebook shouldn’t be used as visible sales portal, it should rather be used for brand awareness and brand visibility and increasing market penetration. If you want to show your company’s social aspects, human understanding, employees passion, you can do this well. Since each business deals with humans, so clients also want to know the humanitarian side of your business. Be smart and energetic on Facebook. Instead of posting odd blog links on your Company Fan Page, try to post some recreational stuff and some societal considerations. Create ‘real activity’ on your page.


  • Google+ has over 100 million users and just like on Facebook, users can update their status, share links and images and comment on others’ posts. But as a matter of fact, population on Google+ isn’t relations’ centric. Users mostly make circles on the basis of their profession and interest. So, here you can find refined user base depending upon your target market.

People gauging Google+ potentials readily start comparing it with FB’s user base and average active sessions. It’s a fact that people use Google+ just for average 3 minutes as compared to 8 hours on Facebook. But, Google+ is still an investment that would bring fruits, though steadily but for surely in the long run.


  • Twitter is a dark horse. It has over 465 million users and lets its users to break up short news in the form of tweets. People use it to share interesting content, build personal connections and know celebrities’ status etc.

The top famous people over Twitter aren’t its founders as Mark on FB. They include Lady Gaga, Shakira, Rihana, Justin Bieber etc. Anyhow, brands and companies can also create a buzz around Twitter by doing some intelligent micro-blogging. Your content would create your followers. It can be taken as a virtual press club that best suits to broadcast your official news and let your client base know about it. So don’t ever underrate Twitter because you’d have to suffer for that in the long run.



  • LinkedIn has almost 1 million active users in over 200 countries of the world. It’s a professional social networking site that allows connecting and stretching professional network with a person’s whole professional career’s information. Users use this for knowing and sharing business development ideas and finding talented employees

If you are a company, you can also set up a LinkedIn account and join your industry groups where you’d find birds of flock bringing new development ideas and sharing their experiences for better business practices. Besides, you can also find prospects in those groups and weave them into your business network. You can also find your ideal employee at LinkedIn as it allows users to make a professional resume like profile that includes all your experience, objectives, academic background, achievements and most importantly recommendations.

If you are wondering about your brand’s marketing potentials and opportunities, feel free to contact us.

Windows Phone 8 — Multi Core Support, Nokia Maps, Google’s Payment Part, Skype & VOIP Integration

Past few years weren’t any cool for Microsoft but suddenly all that turned chilling and eye-freezing for Microsoft when it showed up with its Windows 8 ‘Surface’ and Windows 8 in last couple of days or so. Frankly speaking, it looks as if Microsoft is tugging up its trousers and sleeves to put die hard ordeal against current tech tycoons such as Apple, Google, Samsung etc. Though it would be quite premature that MSFT has risen like a phoenix from ashes but nevertheless it’s a significant leap from its current mediocrity. It reminds me a song that I used to hear while I was lost and out;

                ‘Right hook Knock out, Left hook knock out, straight upper cut, left right hook knock out, 1 2 combination and it’s a knock out, jumping head first, this is a knock out…..’

Windows 8 Phone’s Features:

Anyways, let’s have a user look at MSFT’s Windows 8 phone. Microsoft has made some significant changes in Windows 8 OS. New OS is dual core and quad core supporting and likewise Near Field communication is facilitated terrifically. For creating an environment encouraging both mobile and desktop ecosystems simultaneously, Windows 8 has been shifted to NT kernel. Now developers would be able to develop for both mobile and desktop systems in a go.

Besides, Microsoft has provided excellent Wallet solutions that work directly with the carriers; it means a collaborative mobile payment between Verizone, AT&T and T-mobile etc. Near Field Communications and support for external SD memory cards, three screen resolutions, deeper skype and VOIP integration, Nokia Maps etc are other exciting attractions for the users.

But existing windows devices aren’t fully able to grasp the fruits. So, MSFT is going to bring.a Windows Phone 7.8 update which would partly support some of Windows 8 features. For full Windows 8 compatibility, new hardware would be needed.

What’s Next…..???

Windows has brought some new vibrations in mobile and software industry. Windows mobile application development was at its lowest ebbs for last year but with new Windows 8, windows app developers would find new horizons in mobile application development. Apple, Samsung, Nokia and now Microsoft have brought some unique features in their devices and now it’s Blackberry lagging miles behind all of others. Who would win this ongoing battle, what are your thoughts?