Jaw Dropping Internet Marketing Statistics for 2012 — Don’t Ever Underrate Internet Marketing Again

Studies are now showing that, day on day, more and more businesses are realizing the
importance of internet marketing
and others already active in this battleground are gleaming plentiful fortunes. A little appreciation for the potentials of this market can overturn your business’ prospects. If you haven’t yet thought of seeding and moiling in internet marketing, following insights would surely let you to reconsider your stance.

  • 50% of online shopping time is spent on researching product services. Web application development has let the service providers place their product, pricing and promotion details available24/7 across the globe.
  • As a result 90% marketers now admit that internet marketing services are crucial for airing brand awareness, increasing web traffic and attaining higher search engine rankings.
  • Inbound marketing is 61% inexpensive per lead as compared to conventional outbound marketing.
  • For B2B organizations, LinkedIn drives the most customers, i-e 65 %.
  • 57% of the marketers revealed that their inbound marketing strategy is lesser they had their hands on a customer their company blog, 62% through LinkedIn, 53% through Facebook and 44% through blogs writing and responding.
  • Most users on Twitter are 24 – 34 years old whereas on Google+ 65% of the users are 18-35 years old. On gender basis, there are 72% females users on Pinterest and shop cosmetics, garments, jewelry and adopt pets.

Based on our studies, we suggest our friends that whatsoever the business they’re engaged in, they must look to extract fruits of internet marketing services. If you’re feeling that you can’t handle internet marketing campaigns personally due to lack of time or lesser understanding about internet market space, here’re your e-commerce solutions that would let you join the main streamline.

Our professional marketers and web analysts have created and curated tons of content related to tech cosmos. So, you’re at your own risk when you miss or skip these fortune-turning bits of information.

From Cars to SmartCars – Future Vehicles Will be Primarily Connected Like Modern SmartPhones

Lock, stock and barrel of the past has turned into modern smartphone, internet connection and vehicles. Today, let’s talk about the ‘how future vehicles would be influenced by digital technology’.

What if modern cars could also be used to broadcast messages, talk with friends, communicate with other vehicles, warn the intruders, avoid accidents, and (most importantly fly)? The last in the list above is related to aerodynamics and I won’t dig further into it, but the rest of the features are related with digital technology and artificial intelligence in particular. So lets stretch it over. But, before doing that, please fasten your seatbelts because the info-terrain below is wonderfully awesome.

There’s good news for early teen-agers that by the time they reach their 20’s, they would have the cars blazingly exceptional. Cars in future would be rather fully-fledged computer cars. Those cars would always be connected with everything around them and beyond them. They’d instruct/follow the drivers, communicate with other vehicles and pedestrians on the roads, and interact with traffic signals, access internet round the clock.

‘V-2-V’; vehicle to vehicle technology would allow cars to communicate with other vehicles and announce their direction and destination. With HMI; human machine interface they’d also auto-sense the route they’re on and would alert drivers about red-lights, school zones, and road jumps etc. It’s expected that this technology would considerably decrease the rate of accidents.

For computer-worms, with cloud technology and Wi-Fi or internet 3G access, playing any music, watching any sports live and updating your social media status would be breathe easy.

There’s a whole lot more information firing your inspirations, so watch the info-graphic below.

Social Media Marketing Challenges — Startups Need Some Serious Marketing Strategy


With the base of almost 3 billion users, there is little room for skepticism about social media marketing. Studies now show that businesses have increasingly clutched on the importance of social media marketing and those who’ve already hopped in the bandwagon are yielding exceptional rate of returns. That’s why the average budget allowed for social media marketing has increase twofold between the years 2010 and 2011. Social media marketing is quite different from mass marketing approach and that’s why many business entities misunderstand its lucrative aspects.

The lures offered by Social Media are plentiful and need immediate response.

Brand awareness, traffic leads, better ranking in search engines, ubiquitous presence all the time are few of the fruits that social media marketing assures. Besides, social media marketing isn’t only about ‘reaching where your customers are’. It’s also about ‘knowing with whom your customers are engaged’ and then casting an irresistible impression upon them as well. While making purchases, 83% customers follow ‘friends’ recommendation’ and product reviews aren’t satisfying them anymore. This ‘word of mouth’ and ‘cut the distance’ are the directives of global success.

Most of the businesses grouch about ‘the complexities involved in this whole process’. According to the survey conducted by marketing professionals in a web development company:

  • 32% of the businesses don’t find time to maintain announce, response and engage on social media.
  • 28% are unable to create original content for their brand on social network.
  • 17% never know what to say and later keep wondering how to say.
  • 13% have problems in measuring and interpreting data in terms of Rate of returns
  • 10% are daunted by interacting with customers.

Oh, I feel wise to declare at this time that ‘any similarities with you are strictly coincident’. But if you’re also undergoing same problems, you need not worry anymore and nor you’d hire bench of special marketing professional to plan and execute internet marketing services. We offer you the ease of focusing on your other core operational chores while we deploy some exceptional marketers for your products.

Truly Handsfree Voice Control – Your Samsung Galaxy Can Listen You Even When You’re In Dreams

Imagine you’re in your office where your employer’s giving you the instructions and you just mumble, ‘Hi Galaxy – Play ‘on the floor’ from music library. Confirm!” You might have better idea about the former’s reaction but I know that your new Samsung Galaxy SIII would play this year’s richest singer’s song in a wink. Cool aspect. Isn’t it?

It’s fun to use Samsung Galaxy SIII in so many different ways but it’s real party when you interact without even touching it or pushing any button. Though iPhone 4S is too empowered with Siri but still it needs ‘push button’ activation. Likewise mobile application development has let the developers roll out such mobile apps which allow you to interact directly and even only through your voice. But, Samsung has particularly integrated this feature with its Android OS.

With just a little phrase ‘Hi Galaxy’ you can wake your Samsung Galaxy and then command it to perform actions such as sending messages, checking weather, opening multimedia etc. This isn’t like S Voice or Siri because  you’ve to awake your phone first and then start voice recognition feature.

Truly handsfree, as its inventors call it, is nurtured by a relatively small development company ‘Sensory’ and surely involves some serious power consumption threats. A mobile phone always looking for a key phrase to wake up makes smartphone awake all the time technically. People from Sensory told that they’re working on integrating this technology with the processor and thus reduce the power consumption substantially.

iPhone Apps Download Dipping More Down — But Olympics Would Catalyze The Whole Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is under its rainy days and historically it’s the quietest period for mobile apps development and promotions, as it looks from the reports rolled out by Fiksu today. Based on the analysis of Top 200 US iPhone apps, latest reports suggest that App store competitive index has dropped by 5% down to 4.23 million daily downloads from 6.3 million daily downloads in March. Consequently, the cost per loyal user index increased 12% to $ 1.46 from $ 1.3 in March.

A loyal user is the one whose actions generate ROI for you and it becomes rather more important on click-based campaigns.

app store competitive index

app store competitive index

This ‘negativity’ for mobile marketers and mobile application developers isn’t anything from the blue. It’s quite natural outcome when Apple has held its iron hands on ‘bolt tactics’. Though, app discovery mechanism employed in Apple’s App store has some serious loopholes in it and reaching for Top 20 apps is nothing less daunting than getting the blood out of stones but ‘evil-practitioners’ often conform with such tactics to reach top guns.

Olympic Games In UK would increase business activities by 250%. 

As Olympics Games are drawing closer, iPhone app development is sure to resurrect again. As iPhone has reached the saturation in European and American consumer markets and 90% of the tourists visiting Olympics games would transpose around with iPhones, there is a golden chance for businesses, through mobile apps development, to convert these game-seekers to consumers.

Most of the businesses around the world do employ such promotional and marketing tactics during specific commotional seasons so that they may get their hands on more and more customers and increase their RIO.

Music-Centred Social Network ‘Ping’ Is Blip In Apple’s Chequered Inventory and Apple Will ‘Look To Kill It”

Music flavored social networks are getting hard to get along with more engaging and deeper social networks. Even king-maker Apple’s ‘Ping’ which’s entertainment network and was released with iTunes, bears stews form its CEO.

On Tuesday, Apple’s CEO Tim Cock spoke about Ping in such remorseful way and said,

“We tried Ping and I think the customer voted and said this isn’t something I want to put lot of energy into’. On being asked about dumping option Tim said, ‘I don’t know, we’ll at that’.

iTune Ping lets the users to follow their favorite artists and friends and discover what tunes their friends are listening to and likewise know what their favorite singers are upto.

Ping had some vibrant activity in its early days and it soon surpassed 1 million users but all this proved to be a moon-shine. It’s ironic that it was heralded as ‘MySpace Killer’ and now Apple is looking to kill Ping itself. Ping might be banged hard shut because there aren’t any real-time popular singers and artists subscribed to Ping and furthermore, the little that are there never update any of their information. So the lure for the users never comes upfront.

How this all affects Ping users isn’t anything to worry about. Users prefer ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ for digging into their friends’ activities and singers’ creativities. Apple is already world’s biggest tech company and failure of Ping won’t even affect its single speck. There’s much fortune and buzz that Apple can create in any web development company.

What’s next in Apple’s inventory? Next generation iPhone and new iOS are the main products passionately awaited. So, let’s wait until the beans are spilled next time.

Intel Powered Windows 8 Tablets — Wait Till November

Windows 8 is also released by the same time when Intel-based tablets hit the retail stores.

The most anticipated and hyped tablet of the year must be running with Windows 8 and Intel inside Windows 8 tablets are first to born in the market.  According to CNET, men close to Intel have told them

“The first wave of intel-based Windows 8 tablets is expected to land in retail stores in November.” This is particularly interesting that that’s the time when Windows 8 is being released. The source added, “The schedule is tight and looking at what windows is trying to achieve not only with a new OS, but a new OS that needs to run four to five architectures – three ARM, Intel and AMD.’

Intel has been long looking to vie in smartphone and tablet industry but UK based ARM had always pushed Intel deeper into abyss. Most of the smartphones in particular and tablets in general run on ARM processor architecture.

Intel has already jumped into smartphone arena where Lenovo and Lava have announced to launch Intel-powered phones based on Intel’s Atom design technology codenamed ‘Medfield’. Intel says that it has more than 20 Windows 8 devices pipelined which are based on ‘Clover Trail’ technology. Clover Trail is dual core design unlike Medfield which is strictly single core processor.

For users, there’s a great news that most of the ‘clover trail devices would have hybrid design i-e; they would work as both tabs and laptops. You would be able to run metro applications on Windows 8 OS. A huge bonus for the fans. iPhone app development and iPad app development are already in the boom. But It’s expected that Windows 8’s ingress would gear up the canoe of windows app development  and would imbue new ardor in  mobile application development as well.

Is Your Employee Overworked — Indicators To Employees’ Dissatisfaction

Work harder or work better? Most of the companies primarily focus on the former indicator and don’t bother into digging out the efficiency of the work.

Under real time critical environment, web development companies cannot afford any delays in project execution and thus developers and programmers are often found complaining and moaning against over-work load and job stress. Since modern research tells that healthy mind can bring better productivity, it’s advisable for managements to spot stress-borne employees and resolve the issues before its too late.

The call-up poll led to some interesting bits of information that’s quite handy for both employees and employers. The results tell that ‘on-job-stress is the biggest offending issue for most of the American workforce.

Similarly, more than half of American employees say that ‘their job is very or extremely stressful’. Low salaries and commuting- fear of being laid off are the top reasons for employees’ stress and strain. The results also show that 1 in 2 of the employees offended with overwhelming work stress sets for hooky and feigns sickness.

Employers and managers can also spot the employee undergoing ‘stress’ and most obvious indicators include increased sickness, bad time management, lower quality of work and poor memory. Undue stretch of detrimental situation brings more disturbance and lesser productivity.

Check out the info-graphic below for complete insight into the ‘employee behavior’.


Facebook Smartphone — This Isn’t Money Every Time, It’s Reputation For Most of The Times

Money makes a hole in the pocket. Yes, post IPO Facebook can afford any adventure and can tie in for further acquisitions. News about Opera browser acquisition, facebook camera iphone app and now Facebook smartphones are the being covered all around the internet.

As far as Facebook’s smart-phone is concerned, it’s the 3rd time Facebook going for it. But the question that intrigues tech-diggers most is ‘why does Facebook need a smartphone so desperately’?

Though there is an enormous consumer demand in mobile industry but there’s already much heat among smartphone manufacturers and even ‘once the biggest tycoons’ are scratching over the barrels under this die-hard sequel. Keeping all this in mind, how would Facebook earn market share even if it happens to come up with its smartphone miraculously.

What this Fuss is all about? It’s not about mobile ads surely !

Apparently, it’s all about tacking on the mobile facebook users. Among 1 billion active users, 50% access Facebook from their phones. On a desktop website there are 7-9 ads per page where as on mobile website, there aren’t any ads. Just before the IPO, Mark Zuckerberg revealed its concerns about Facebook’s inefficient revenue extraction from mobiles. Does that mean Facebook should make its own smartphone? Obviously not; you would agree. So, there must be something deeper and more prospective that the most of analysts are ignoring.

In modern business frameworks sustaining single-service business is rather dangerous because sooner or later, your services would be replaced by some other service providers or the demand for ‘service’ would end up. So, providing multi-services would allow Facebook to maintain its composure in future.

Facebook needs to catalyze mobile application development. Google and Apple have already boarded the mobile ship earlier and are now both penetrated deeper into market. 75% of Apple’s total sales arise from iPhone sales. Likewise Google’s Android app development has allowed Google to penetrate deeper into the customer market. To maintain the same reputation as Google and Apple are having right now, Facebook must run the smartphone spree practically.

Internet Marketing — Why Does A Business Need An Online Marketing Plan

Businesses in general and e-commerce in particular are getting more and more pragmatic and hard-nosed. Even a single useless word spoken and single dime spent futile affect the whole business setup. So, startups and especially small scale businesses need to pay more attention on proper business plans and effective marketing strategies.

Marketing has shifted from mass marketing to digital marketing space and the expenses incurred on marketing have also decreased from 70% to 50%. But, most of the businesses are suffering from myopic and inefficient internet marketing plans. Adding fuel to the fire, most of the internet marketing companies are grinding their axes viciously and are responsible for not burning your pockets and earning bad name for your products and services. So, business owners especially engaged in e-commerce need to keep their eyes wide open and mind quickly responsive.

Look at the following questions.

  • Does your website not enjoy the expected flux of traffic?
  • Is your sales conversion rate unsatisfactory?
  • Does your website entice insignificant activity?
  • Are customers queries about your services through media such as telephone or emails are also next to nothingness?

If your answers to erstwhile poised questions are ‘yes’, then you are running the risk of failure and you might be soon left alone empty-handed when the balloon goes up. Mostly in such cases, website design, user experience and web application development are the factors that keep customers from visiting your site and making business.

Red Signal; a veteran web designing company offers a whole range of e-commerce solutions along with best internet marketing services. Sound internet marketing services would cut the reach distance of your customers and they would readily engage in learning about your services. For making an effective impression upon the customers, your content must be both informative and persuasive simultaneously. Finally, when the customer makes his mind, your ecommerce must provide user-friendly and flawless experience.