Modern Technology reshaping Global Market

Ever since mankind learnt the art of trade, it suffered from ‘Customer Acquisition Dilemma”. But now, through modern technology; mainly computers and mobile phones, a new global market for the business enterprise, has finally been staged and customers are literally just a ‘click away’ from them.

Just as books have evolved into e-books and mails into e-mails, business also has become E-business. E-business means to internationalize your business. E-business offers so incredible prospects that this looks to be the right time for business entities to go one step ahead, and jump into the bandwagon. Undoubtedly, any further delays in shifting up to e-business would eventually lead to desolation from global market.

Through computers or even mobile applications, customers can buy their desired products anytime and anywhere. Internet has made them omniscient and ubiquitous. A little appreciation for modern e-business can lead to unprecedented expansion in any company’s revenue. Facts and statistics show that companies working with internet have exponentially higher rate of return on investments as compared to the companies’ with traditional approach.

Few things are needed to be kept in mind for achieving e-business success. Porter’s critical analysis of modern challenges faced in global market, offers some valuable insights.  Some points in the study are:

1-      Every company on the earth can join e-business. This makes it obvious that competition offered in e-business is ever increasing and stimulating.

2-      Bargaining power of customers has increased. Customers know the intensity of competition and have always other manufacturer to be replaced with.

3-      With greater number of new entrants, number of available substitutes also increases.

So in order to meet above challenges successfully, marketing management philosophies should be carefully adopted.  Product, production or selling philosophies have now been challenged by modern e-business market. Ongoing research in the subject is offering new proposals every day.

Modern marketers need to understand that targeting fewer fertile customers has far reaching affects on the business. Sales driven strategies at the cost of customers’ satisfaction should be avoided. Rather than always looking for new customers, the focus should be now shifted to keeping current customers and building lasting relationships based on superior satisfaction and value. Similarly, long-term profits need not to be sacrificed at the bait of short-term profits. In simple words, the sooner business entities realize the role of customers, the better their prospects would get.

In order to get desired results in business, it has become imperative to tune up with modern technology. Once moods and trends of modern technology are better understood, more and more doors to global market will open up.

Why Smart Phones are so Smart?

Over the years smart phones are both praised and disparaged. What make smart phones so special, are their perfect usability and elegant looks. According to pcmag encyclopedia, a smart phone is;

“A cellular telephone with built-in applications and Internet access. Smart phones provide digital voice service as well as text messaging, e-mail, Web browsing, still and video cameras, MP3 player, video viewing and often video calling. In addition to their built-in functions, smart phones can run myriad applications, turning the once single-minded cell phone into a mobile computer.”

Past recollections tell us that earlier we had heavy-weight mobile phones with narrow and murky display saddled with protruding antenna. Likewise our computers were less intelligent and more costly. During course of time, both machines were highly improvised and eventually we managed to have mobiles with greater reliability and elegance and computers with more power and affordability. But even by then, mobiles and computer were separate entities. We had to go upstairs to make a call to our friend and come down stairs to watch the movie. As soon as potentials of mobile technology were realized, richest features of computers were started being introduced in mobiles. Once mobile phones got enough lineaments of computers, they became surrogates of computers. So, this is how we end up with smart phones.

Most celebrated features of smart phones are as under:

Internet Access:

 Smart phones sharply contrast with traditional mobile phones in HTML browsing.  Modern smart phones allow the user a complete web based interface which enables the user to surf through websites same as on computers. Touch Screens have made navigation almost effortless. It needs merely a swiping through finger to scroll the page and a tapping to move over the hyper-linked text.

Video Streaming:

Few years ago, streaming favourite videos through cell phones was a rabbit dream, but modern smart phones have made streaming both HTML5 and Flash videos possible. Likewise, uploading the video content through smart phones is also no more big deal. Smart phones running android make it possible to upload videos from computers using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB connector cables.

 Navigation Device:

The natural makeover of smart phones makes them a real time navigation device. The full onboard GPS capability makes it very easy to locate the position on the map. There are different applications that can make the navigation experience more interactive. Not only they can just show us the names of places streets, but depending on the application, they can also read us back the directions and thus we may have a hand-free navigation while driving.


The feature of introducing applications in smart phones makes them real smart. There are millions of mobile applications developed for almost every category of life that including medicine, education, entertainment etc.  These applications have made our life really easier.

In conclusion, life was never so easy and entertaining as smart phones have made it. It may look ludicrous these days, but everything that we tried to access was botched up. The horizons are still expanding for smart phones and let us wait and watch how smart  would grow in future!

Nips & Tucks for Google Plus

It’s a race like no other and thrill is same as that of any world class Grand Prix. As we have reported that facebook is all set for getting its share from Search Engines market. Google on the other hand is basing all its future success on the social media. It has even set targets for its engineers and employees for revenue generation through social media. Reportedly website development at Google+ has been concentrated on creating a more user friendly landing page. Google plus website is going to have a ‘hangout’ icon that will allow users to join open dialogues. The second and most ravenously fought for area is GRAPHICS. Facebook’s surprise move of acquiring Instagram for a one Billion Dollar has at least make sure of two richess, 1- making the owners of Instagram instantaneously rich 2- its intentions to make the site graphics rich. Various reports have that Facebook will now allow users to preview pictures in full screen mode.  How can Google remain behind? It has plans of allowing more flexibility in terms of image formats. The image display has also undergone a change and white border has been removed.

Not only that the market hungry Hoogle is incorporating Twitter features also and “Trending on Google+” panel has been added. As the changes have took effect, users are citing their concern of the too much white space on left hand side of the page. That may not be a problem for Google, there are plenty of features around, yet to be copied!

1.2.3.. Here Comes Facebook Search Engine

Facebook and Google story has just got more interesting. Apparently Facebook has laid its hands on a former Google engineer Lars Rasmussen. Team lead by Rasmussen is reportedly equipping Facebook with logical evolution – a Facebook search engine. Aim of the project is to get hold of Facebook users, who have to open Google page for searching while enjoying their time on the social networking utility.

As readers would remember that we covered Google+ story with the title Clash of Titans, Facebook seems to have added a sequel to story, something like “Clash of Titans II”. According to the reports the search engine will enable users to find out the status updates, wall posts etc. more easily.

In the SWOT analysis both sides have their unique points of power. Google is still the number 1 search engine. Search engine market is said to be web’s most stable and longer lasting application. However Google relies very heavily on targeted ads for revenue generation. As we all know that in order for a targeted ads strategy to work out, the ads should be more focused.

And here comes the catch. While Google has some idea of user preferences, the user profile doesn’t even touch the one that Facebook has. Facebook is sitting on the goldmine of information. With Facebook’s IPO on the horizon, tech pundits are regarding the move as tricky one that has the potential of dooming Facebook forever. Looking at the move more closely reveals the company’s confidence of its abilities. What Facebook search engine will bring along – you would have to wait. With social networking invading every part of web, the future of the www is right in front of us.

Heard ‘Life Saving Meds’, What About life Saving Smart Phones

The speed with which technology is making roadways into our daily lives is, to say the least, amazing. For a person like me internet is oxygen and outages have the similar effects on me as the oxygen deprivation would have. New technology is fast becoming lifestyle and is not some distant dream but is reality. Mobile phones are swiftly making the landlines a thing of past.

In a recent event Firefighters in China used iPhone to rescue a 2 years old toddler, who has accidently fallen into a 40 feet deep well. iPhone was used to pin point the exact position of the child. The child was in danger of dying from asphyxiation; smart phone helped lowering the oxygen pipe to the exact location and keeping the child alive as team members planned his rescue. iPhone also helped in monitoring the position of the harness to pick the child. Previous efforts without the phone have failed.

Wait! Dismissing the report as a solitary happening? A man in Haiti had helped himself from going into shock after Haiti’s disastrous earthquake left him badly injured.

The message is clear, keep pace or be left behind.