Social media finds new target – Biology. What next?

It seems that the list of ever increasing applications of social media has ascended another rung, as scientists at Sydney’s ‘Royal Botanical Garden’ used Facebook to track a certain type of cockatoos. Researchers were interested in the breeding patterns of ‘Cacatua galerita’  species of cockatoos that are generally found in Australian forests. The type is known for its destructive habits and shrieking sounds.

The usual method to track such birds, involves capturing individual birds and fitting them with tags. However the method has serious limitation as it cannot be applied to a relatively large population. Moreover cockatoos under study are large birds, capturing them has its own dangers including serious bites.

In order to overcome the problems the researchers used large enough tags to spot the birds. The sightings were reported via e-mail to the biologists.  The results have not been satisfactory enough, as the responses collected were not sufficient for the study. The challenge was to figure out an easier and user friendly way to report the sightings of cockatoos.

The research spearheaded and the responses started pouring in large numbers as scientists created a Facebook page for recording the data about the birds.

The research shows that social media applications really have no limit. It just needs creativity to figure out numerous ways, social media can be exploited for the use of business or otherwise.

Web development companies need to be CREATIVE ENOUGH to figure out ways to suggest businesses about using social media for educating clients about the products and services being offered and in the process increase sales.

Keeping up with the pace of the popularity and acceptance of networking sites among various segments of society should be the aim of the IT consultants globally.

[Not So] Big Tech Giants are also prone to flaws, when it comes to money matters

Samsung Electronics is a tech giant that has put real trouble in the path of market leadership for the names such as NOKIA. This Monday Samsung has been heavily fined for its alleged effort to obstruct the inquiry underway by the ‘Fair Trade Authority of South Korea’.

According to the reports South Korea’s Fair Trade Regulatory Authority was probing the pricing strategy of the tech giant regarding its mobile phones. Investigators reported that the company’s employees deliberately tried to delay the investigation, the data was deleted from the machines and false data was fed during a visit to the Samsung facility.

According to the reports Samsung has been fined with US$ 3.5 Millions approx. for malpractice. The case is sure to reflect badly for the company’s global repute. When it comes to IT industry reliability is the keyword, consumers look forward to. Financial aspects of the business are a sure reality however they are not what it is all about.

According to the published details Samsung employees tried to stop the investigators, as the investigating team gained access to the facility there was but only one employee remained in the building. A photograph has also been released whereby the employees are moving a desk. The investigators cited that the employees were trying to erase the traces.

Improved fraud and data analysis software introduced

Modern day businesses rely very heavily on IT, in terms of making decisions that make or mar a company’s future. The task at hand becomes more complex when it comes to detecting fraudulent patterns and that is too preemptively. Website applications development and especially the applications that are related to e commerce are prone to multi security challenges. It is not only necessary but also a life line to an organization that wants to expand and address the needs of modern consumer base that websites are developed and launched in a way that security issues are addressed before any security breach happens. It is easier to detect the flaws in a system that let the security compromise to happen after the event, the new software package introduced by IBM would analyze the fraudulent behaviors in n a predictive manner.

Deepak Advani, (IBM’s vice president of predictive analysis) told that package comprises of three software handling monetary malpractice, buying patterns of consumers and the analyzing the monetary risk involved in a transaction.

The software are said to be developed in light of IBM’s experience of development work done on behalf of its clients. Advani told, while it is essential to have IT knowledge for software development, it is also essential to have the industry knowledge. IBM having the first hand experience of the consumer base has been better poised to address the security flaws and forecast the consumer behavior.

IBM’s predictive analysis wing developed the package keeping in view the needs of its vast consumer base. The backbone of the package has been provided by the development work done by the IBM team on its already available software like SPSS etc.

The organization in need of the software suit would attend a meeting aimed at identifying the specific needs of the consumer. The features of the software would be developed using organization’s existing database to curb frauds such as fraudulent claims in an insurance firm.

Windows 8 is set to be released in October 2012

The news is out that Microsoft would give final touches to its upcoming and much hyped OS Windows 8 by the July ~ August 2012 and the platform would be ready for release in October.


Windows 8 is being cited as major step forward since the release of Windows XP by Microsoft. The OS has been developed keeping in view the multiple market challenges Microsoft is facing. It is hoped that while Windows 8 would facilitate innovative web development, e-commerce applications, games and other consumer interests, it would also help MS to win at least some market share from Apple’s iPAD by helping the manufacture of light weight tablet PCs. The sales figure of more than 2.9 Million of newly launched version of iPAD, has been a real challenge for Microsoft to come up with new and creative products.


The time frame of the release is expected to be announced within April. Critics, however remain skeptical of Microsoft’s potential to challenge Apple market. The final test would certainly be the launch of the O.S. However new OS is sure to make ripples in the It industry globally.

Social media advantages yet to be exploited by businesses

According to new research released by CompTIA, despite the fact that its been a significant time span that social media is around, the businesses globally are slow to take the full advantage of the tools. This is where the role of an experienced and knowledgeable IT advisory comes in.

The research into the specific website usage showed that most of the businesses resort to ‘FaceBook’, ‘Twitter’ and ‘LinkedIn’ networking sites. What they really lack is the knowledge of organization specific social media and networking tools.

Wining organizations use social media to keep in pace with the tastes and desires of the target population. The networking websites provide the much needed feedback about how the product or service being offered is faring in general public.

The survey pinpointed 5 specific advantages of using networking sites

-          Improved to and fro link with the consumers

-          Better value creation

-          Product or service branding improvement

-          Enhanced customer servicing

-          New business opportunities generation

All of these five benefits constitute crucial aspects for a business to thrive upon. Then why it is that organizations are slow to embrace the social media. CompTia views it basically the result of lack of trust on the networking sites. Firms are used to the old methods for making changes in the customer servicing infrastructure or organizational setup. They lack the motivation to make fast paced changes as a result of real time feedback received through networking websites and social media.

Corporate website and applications development must be undertaken with a holistic view and keeping in mind the competitive organizations that are already in the market with the tools needed to embrace the fast paced change.