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Archive Box is few of world’s most daring projects in mobile landscape: Unrivalled design and Unprecedented technical expertise.

No more email attachments. Put your stuff in Archive Box and get to it from your computers, mobiles, or tablets. Edit docs, automatically add photos, and show off videos from anywhere.

Archive Box is a small but mighty cloud-based, automatic file syncing service that lets you store anything including your pics, docs, presentations, audios and videos for backup!

It’s an everlasting back-up for your stuff. Anything you add to Archive Box gets synced across all platforms including your Desktops, iOS devices and even the Archive Box website.


Archive Box

Release Date

March 10, 2014


  • Objective C
  • .NET

#1The iOS app

Save, share, search, collaboration, file transfer, offline viewing and auto syncing: We got to it the right way.

Written for iOS in native Objective-C, the app makes use of every latest features in iOS. The concept was to take the pain out of mobile access by making your files available everywhere, and people can be just as productive on the road as they are at their desks. We leveraged the best in iOS memory management techniques for auto file syncing and offline/online file transfers.

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Login Screen

Keep the elements minimum at the Login Screen. That’s what we did with just app logo at the top followed by sign in form.


Access Everything

Files Section of the app carries forth the every file (docs, videos and music). Using Swipe/Tap these files can be deleted or viewed accordingly.


Auto Syncing

The app syncs automatically across desktops and website, keeping all the stuff accessible all the time.


Assign Label

Not all files have the same. Some must be important. We introduced small colored circles to keep files different from others.


Assign Tags

Assigning Tags was one of unique features of Archive Box. The tags go down in a listing style. The same


Add Photos and Recordings

From the archive section, people can upload their documents, their recordings and their pictures.



The screen allows users to view/edit/update their account information. Meanwhile, people can also the storage status and update it too.


Play Music

Music files are stored in Music section. Tapping any screen would play the music, using iOS’ default music player.

#2The Website

Nothing beats Simplicity: Unique design, hassle-free interface, plethora of features with cloud integration.

Simple is always better, so our concept for Archive Box website was to introduce file management and synchronization in a hassle-free interface. The website absorbed the look and feel of Archive Box iOS app, then refined and extended it to carry through a clean, sophisticated visual experience – making files saving files and folder, sharing and collaboration a street walk.

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Archive Box

A Look into User Account

Creat a Account, upload stuff, access it from around the world and share with the world. That's our magic working behind Archive Box.

Archive Setting

#3The Desktop

Very small and very powerful, the desktop client is the nucleus of entire Archive Box project. The client syncs everything: documents, photos, music and videos and automatically stores it to cloud.

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Archive Registration

What was missing before, got a place here

While connecting the missing dots, we used our expertise in their full colors. 2 ways Sync, Auto Notifications, File Attribution and File Searching were cohabiting a shared canvas in a rabidly engaging interface.

Archive Setting

#4The Technology

Complex projects require equally amazing technology expertise. We’ve become so well-known for our web and mobile development, it’s worth mentioning that we brought the best of technology to turn Archive Box into a most slim and powerful file management and syncing solution.

Objective C

iOS Application

Objective-C is the programming language behind native Apple applications and so is behind Archive Box iOS application.


Web Application

The major technologies used for Archive Box’s web application are PHP MySQL which is world’s most flexible yet open source platform


Desktop Client

Desktop client (standalone application) of Archive Box is built upon Microsoft’s .NET which is famous for its unprecedented reliability and reusability.

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